Ghost Run

I’m betting quite a few people know about this, but I’ll put it out there anyway.

Have you ever tried to run cross-country, most likely through territory much higher level than you are, because you lacked a flight-path and needed to get somewhere? A lot of people do this naked to avoid taking durability damage. Others corpse-hop to bypass dangerous high-level enemies. I found a better way.

Die. Then make the trip as a ghost. You run faster and are impervious to damage. When you get to your destination zone, find the spirit healer there and log out at her feet. Then, log back in and ressurect. If you dont log out, you will ressurect back where you died. If you do log out, you will be ressurected there in your desired zone. It’s useful, especially for low leveled characters that need to visit other capital cities. However, finding the spirit healer in an unfamiliar zone can be difficult. They’re usually located around towns, though.


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