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Everyone Starts Out Noobish

I did. Its hard not to. The World of Warcraft is enormous, complex, riddled with intricacies, people who dont understand the game and people who dont like people who dont undestand the game. It’s hard to ekk out a living when you create your first huntard or retardin and have no idea where to go, what to do, or how to kill stuff.

My first character ever was a tauren hunter. I died within a minute after being set free in the starting zone and I couldnt figure out why. Yellow names meant passive creatures, right? In retrospect I must have used Stomp, the tauren racial ability, and grabbed a harmless plainstrider in addition to the cougar. If you have even the faintest inkling of what you’re doing, you survive this. I didnt, so I failed miserably. I posted in the forums about it and got a thousand replies of “omfg noob l2p”. Thus ended my forum fascination.
I eventually lost this poor tauren gal because upon my next log-in the realms had shifted, and I didn’t know which realm she was on or how to locate it.

I created many different characters after that. I remember an undead mage, and I never could figure out why she couldnt wear mail or leather that dropped. The idea of armor proficiencies was foreign to me, so I just kept clicking the items hoping the game would give in and let me wear them.

I also created a night elf hunter. She got to level 18 before I decided I didnt like her. Looking back, she was using a staff and probably inappropriate gear. Oh, those days when you dont care about stats…spirit and strength for the win! While doing some Darkshore quests I was also introduced to the need/greed system. Some gem dropped in the mushroom cave and I hit need, because greed sounded ‘greedy and bad’. My groupmates probably thought I was an egineer or a blacksmith, because they never complained.

Then I created a druid, and levelled him to 18. This is where I started to enjoy the game. But at around 18 I got burnt out, and it took alevel 30-something friend to point out to me that I was wearing caster greens and level 10 white armor, had my staff on my action bar, wasnt using bear form as intended andhad my talent points spread everywhere. I respec’d, re-armored, and once I got cat form things took off.

Then I discovered warlocks.