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Wrath Cometh

Yeah, we’re behind on this Wrath business. It’s been out a while now.

But in our defense, we’ve been busy! Wrath came out a few weeks before finals, and for us that’s no time to screw around! After finals came the return of The Boy, who has been training for deployment in Indiana for two months. We spent our time with him, not online. Then Christmas came, halleluja and a helluva mess. The Boy deployed to Kosovo just after the presents came unwrapped, leaving us in devastation as we tried to piece together who, why, when, and how.

But things have settled for us now. Winter Break is in full swing and we have some leisure time to piddle around in WoW.

Our druid hit 80 some time ago. He’s been a busy little tree, with a nightly menu of 3+ heroics and a steady stream of incoming badges. The guild is working fervently on gearing for Naxx 10. Our first foray into the necropolis was a mess of death and hefty repair bills. Solution: get geared! We’re working on that now.

Our hunter is lagging behind a bit. At 78 she’s spent more time doing dailies for reputation purposes than she has leveling. But she has some spiffy new gear and an adorable baby penguin to show for it.

From all this questing and journeying, here’s what I have concluded:

Wrath is amazing. Graphically it’s stunning. I regret not being able to run it with full graphic settings. Lorically it’s by far the most interesting segment of WoW. I’m rockin’ the Norse mythology background. Quest progression is very smooth and quick and most quests are something more engaging than “Here, kill 12 of these”. It also nets you a ton of gold.

Reputation grinding as we knew it in Outland has been reworked. Two of my characters farmed for days on end for their talbuks from the Kurenai. I’m glad we dont see such nonsense in Wrath. Most quest lines will get you almost revered with their factions, and a set of dailies takes it from there. Reputation tabards make grinding rep a passive thing, as you can earn reputation while honking around in your favourite level 80 dungeon. I just wish they’d left in tabards for all factions at exalted. I kinda like switching them out for a new look.

Gearing up for raids is easier than I remember it being in TBC. I had 1200 healing power when I hit 80, and was considered borderline acceptable for Naxx 10. Most non-raid bosses have small loot tables, which cuts down on the number of times you have to kill them before they’ll hand over an upgrade. The result is less time taken to get geared enough to progress. Pre-Wrath I spent months trying to get decent gear to be allowed to go to Kara.

As for hunter pets…:

Serpents: I tamed a serpent from Zul’Gurub pre-Wrath. I spent some time leveling it to 70 with me and overall I like serpents. However, I’m not keen on their poison spit ability. It’s a ranged attack, which means they pull mobs TO you at first instead of running in. Manually hitting the poison spit is possible, but that level of micromanagement doesnt work for me. Also, the cooldown on poison spit doesnt mesh well with Kill Command, and the returns in damage I have seen are insignificant. Kazkah has been stabled since I came to Northrend for this reason. I may keep her for raiding and heroics at 80, but we’ll see.

Owls: I love my owl. I spent days searching for Olm the Wise when I hit 42 so long ago. I had her all through Outland until I tamed a ravager at 67 or so. I love her, but she has to go. The owl’s special skill, Snatch, is relatively worthless in a PvE environment. I dont predict a marked improvement in PvP, either. Snatch does a small amount of damage and disarms the enemy. That’s nice, but it assumes the enemy has a weapon in the first place. Most mobs dont. Again, Snatch might be more useful with a high level of micromanagement (manually clicking the button), but that just doesnt suit me. It’s time for that beautiful owl to fly free again.

Cats: Dear sweet baby Jesus. Cats do a heckuva lotta damage. In an attempt to find something worthwhile to replace my owl with, I tamed a Dreadsaber in Sholozar and found the perfect crime-fighting partner. Piddles (name was a joke…) is going to stick around I while. I hear talk of an upcoming cat nerf, which is probably needed, but even after said nerf I have a feeling Piddles will still be a rapist on the loose. A sense a raid pet here.

Gorillas: Our play style has forever been changed by my gorilla. We’re now an AoE hunter. Upcoming nerfs will frown on this, but for now, we’re immensely enjoying rounding up 5 or 6 mobs and Volleying them down. It’s a beautiful thing. Gorillas are top-notch tanking pets. Thunderstomp is critting for close to 2k with Kill Command.

Pets left to try:

Wasps: We hear their damage is messed up. As in, the numbers are too low. Will wait until a confirmed fix to test one.

Chimeras: Yes, we’re spec’d to handle exotics. We just havent found any that appeal to us. Chimeras are interesting creatures and Froststorm Breath sounds epic enough, so perhaps in the future you’ll see us bouncing around with a Chimera. Perhaps.

Corehounds and Devilsaurs: Maybe we’ll shelve our pride and tame one. No offense meant to proud Stompy and Fluffy owners, but we just dont like the screen-shaking stomping, and we’re leery of any pet big enough to obscure quest givers, mining nodes and mailboxes. Our gorilla is already a champion at that! Devilsaur damage is appealing, though…

Moths: Another maybe. We’re looking for useful raid pets, since our gorilla is all we’ll ever need otherwise. Moths seem too cute and fuzzy to be damage dealers, which is part of the appeal.


The Spirit Beast: Loque’Nahak is gorgeous. Stunning. Epic. Rare. We must have her. Must. We will have her. All in time…