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Horde or Alliance?

If you’re new to the game, this question seems insurmountable. Maybe you rolled Horde to be with friends who were already in the game. Maybe Alliance just fit your personality best. Maybe lore was involved. Maybe you liked looking like a corpse. Who knows?

Back in Sept. ’05 I purchased WoW and immediately thought that cow-people were awesome. My first ever character was a female Tauren hunter, Shaunii. Several weeks later and having only made it to level 5, I convinced a friend to join, too. She wanted a Night Elf character so we went to the Alliance side. I had no loyalties to either (and still don’t). We leveled, her a druid and myself a priest, until about level 10. My friend’s druid is now level 80 while my priest was deleted at level 8. I bounced around between several alts, mostly Horde, until I discovered an undead warlock and fell in love. My friend and I didn’t play together again for along while. My warlock reached level 60 some time after Burning Crusade came out. I got bored of him after my guild disbanded, and the epic mount quest depleted my scant funds. My character roster was packed with Horde characters, and while I still enjoy their races, lore and personalities, I made the switch to Alliance gradually.

I had been leveling a Night Elf druid on another server, and around level 40 I decided I would pay to have him transfered to my main server to play with my friend. A few days after arriving I was invited to her guild, but the level disparity between us was such that we couldn’t immediately begin questing together. I leveled fast and as I recall we met in Outland, in our late 60’s. Sometime then I also transferred over a Night Elf hunter and a Draenei paladin. With ten characters on that realm and my interest in playing with friends increasing, I made the decision to delete my lower-leveled Horde alts. A level 40 warrior and a level 38 priest vanished. A few others fell too, but I don’t remember them. Our small Alliance guild began to break up and many of us, including myself and my friend, moved to a larger guild heavy into end-game raiding. My friend met people in college who played WoW, too, and we invited them to play with us. Eventually we got tired of the elitist schemes of our raiding guild and a break-away guild was formed of friends. My poor undead warlock got no love, and after a long while agonizing over it, I transferred his gold via neutral auction house and deleted him. Rest in peace, Mort. I have been an Alliance player ever since. My druid eventually reached 70, raided until Wrath launched, then reached 80 and did it all over again. We’re preparing for Ulduar and I have no second thoughts about rerolling. I am Alliance because my friends play Alliance. I love my guild and adore my guildmates. But I still enjoy playing Horde, and if you could peep at my account you’d see tons of Horde alts, which I escape to every so often when raiding, rep grinding and the badge business get dull.

I don’t believe that Horde is full of antisocial nutjobs, Alliance is full of unsupervised children, or vice-versa. In fact, both my early Horde guild and my current Alliance guild were adult-only, mature and wonderful groups of people. I have met nasty, rude, unintelligent dolts on both sides of the war. I have met and ran with excellent players on both sides, too. It irritates me when people generalize.