I’m slipping into the doldrums of Azeroth on my paladin. That level range spanning the late 40s to late 50s where the zones don’t intrigue me and I am stuck running the same dungeons over and over and over…

This is a problem because, as I’ve said before, my goal was to level this paladin solely through dungeons. Smashing things outside of dungeons is just plain boring, slow, repetitive…and has almost no chance of rewarding my efforts with worthwhile loot. I have been running Maraudon incessantly. The purple side phased out but the inner area opened up. I enjoy what people say about Princess. She’s hideous. She looks like my ex! She’s hot. I’d do her.

Sunken Temple is also available to me now. Truth be told that is one of my favorite dungeons in WoW. It’s long, confusing, enormous…and fun. This time I’m tanking, and if I want to go clear the basement and kill Atal’alarion, then you’re unlikely to stop me. Seriously, finding groups who want to clear the entire thing is a once in a life-time occurence. Most just want to kill Eranikus and bail. In the interest of time, I understand. Sunken Temple is extremely time-consuming. Even more so with a bad group or a lack of clear direction, as the various levels must be cleared in a certain order to unlock the bosses. But in the interest of completion, and of loot, I am determined to clear the entire thing.

I am also wishing plate drops were more common. At level 47 I am still wearing mail here and there. I can get plate through questing, sure, but that’s besides the point. It would be nice to see plate drops a little more often in instances. I am also wearing the same cloak I was at level 16 or so. The same blue satchel reward. It’s decent enough, but I feel like a scrub wearing it. Looking at the Sunken Temple loot, both of these problems can be fixed. I guess it’s time I got my butt in the temple.

The next question for myself is whether or not I want to tolerate the quest chain to summon the avatar of Hakkar. There is a nice plate chest piece he drops, and of course loot for everyone else. The rest of the quests for the Sunken Temple don’t tempt me much.

Finally, I have been toying with the idea of buying dual spec and gearing a holy side to my prot paladin. Mind you, this character is not on my main’s server, so he is completely on his own in terms of finances. He took herbalism to make money (and because I hate mining) and is sitting at about 500 gold currently. With a little more farming I could potentially earn enough to start a holy off-spec. I’d rather tank, though.


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