Cataclysm Beta: Thoughts on Gilneas

I decided that I couldn’t wait to roll a worgen. I don’t care if that leaves me nothing “new” when Cataclysm first launches. I had to check them out.

Customization at this point is pretty poor, something I know will change as the beta progresses. As it stands, only male worgen are available to play. They have 4 or so hairstyles and about as many colors, as well as relatively few coat colors to choose from. In the future I would love to see more coat colors aside from grays and grayish browns. I think Blizzard has the opportunity to make some very interesting colors here and would like to see them jump on it. That aside, you cannot customize the human side of your worgen just yet, another feature I know will be implemented later on. Right now all men look the same: short black hair and beards.

The Worgen starting area is Gilneas city, a moody, dark Victorian-esque place. Right off the bat you are swept into the fighting against the encroaching Worgen attackers. The phasing is again seamless and very well done. You turn your back for two seconds to hand in a quest and when you turn around the entire city has changed. I was very impressed. The quests lead you all over the outlying farms and villages. You battle the Forsaken armies and eventually Sylvanas herself.

Questing went fairly smoothly until level 11ish, where a kew quest event is bugged. Most people get stuck here (unless you’re extremely lucky and it works for a brief moment). My worgen rogue is stuck at level 11 here, logging in occasionally to see if the event is working. It’s a downer to be sure, but it will be fixed sooner or later and I will finish my leveling experience there.

If I had to compare the goblin and worgen starting quests, I would have to say that in terms of sheer exploding awesomeness the goblins win by a landslide (triggered no doubt by their explosives). The goblin quests felt more urgent and more exciting. The scenery was also more engaging. However, the worgen quests are far moodier, and the atmosphere of Gilneas and its outlying townships is intoxicating. You really do feel like a werewolf. They are also obviously not finished, and I can’t pass judgment on either set of quests just yet.

A few more random thoughts: worgen look ridiculous in hats. The top hat you receive as a quest reward looks horrible on a worgen. On the human is looks fine. But when you shift to your worgen form, all the worgen’s mane gets pulled up into the hat leaving his unsightly thick neck exposed. It even covers his ears. It just looks terrible. Also, the stealth animation seems to not fit them. I would love to see worgen crawling on all fours while stealthed, more beast-like than sneaking around like a human. They crouch and touch the ground while standing still, and I think it would be amazing if they crawled instead of walked forward while in stealth. We shall see.


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