Face-Tanking ICC10

I got to tank my first ICC10 today.

I had no idea what I was doing. Guilty admission: I zone out during boss explanations and only absorb information pertinent to my healing role. So if I have to switch roles, I’m kind of screwed. Thankfully, running ICC every week for many months without fail means I know the fight mechanics regardless of who they pertain to. I wasn’t as lost as I expected to be. I am also exceptionally spoiled in that we usually run with very skilled tanks, and watching them do their thing is a great way to learn.

Still, nothing compares to actually putting your face in some undead dude’s crotch and smacking him around personally. It was invigorating not to stare at health bars all the time – and at the same time terrifying because I couldn’t do anything even if I was watching the raid’s health. It also made me appreciate my fellow healers more. If they can keep my flabby bear ass alive, they can do anything.

I feel the need to repeat the fact that I had no idea what I was doing. And still I held threat (90% of the time) and bosses died relatively flawlessly and it wasn’t the clusterfuck I imagined it to be when I was first told to go bear. So it was a success! Especially considering both myself and the other tank hadn’t a clue what we were doing.

I have to be honest, the temptation to go bear in Cataclysm is getting stronger. I don’t want to be a treeless freak of nature and I don’t want to fuss with mana regeneration. 😦


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  1. Tanking is a nice change from doing your normal role. I actually don’t mind tanking too much if I have a good tank beside me. so grats! (and bear tanks rock!)

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