End of Wrath To-Do’s: 10 Things I Want to Achieve

I think it’s safe to say that Cataclysm will be launching sometime Novemberish. As excited as I am for the new content (beta is amazing!) there’s some things in Wrath that I will be sad to see go, some achievements I still want desperately to have completed, and a myriad of things that I just flat want to happen before the world gets ripped to shreds and everything goes all red and fiery.

Really the top of my list is Kingslayer. There’s nothing higher that I can possibly attain. I’m not a world’s first raider, and I’m not really interested in 25-man content. Kingslayer is the title I will most plausibly achieve with my guild, my skill, and my time. And I want it so badly. We’ve gotten Sindragosa to about 5% or so. But for a huge number of reasons we can’t get her any lower. I feel like if I get in to those reasons I’m just going to fall apart and start shrieking incomprehensibly and wind up wandering the Wal*Mart parking lot at 2 a.m. wearing a cardboard box and a tutu, so I’m just going to say this: we can kill the Lich King. We just really need to revise our practices. In the mean time, I have gone into recruitment druid overload and have been scouring the world (of Warcraft) looking for a tank or two to help us achieve this goal.

Since Kingslayer is kind of an oddity in my list, I’m going to exclude it from the real count down and focus on things that are more on my shoulders than those of an entire guild. So…

Obtain exalted with any factions that may be obliterated in the coming months. This has its own list entirely, but top of it is the Zandalar tribe in Zul’Gurub, which we know is going away and exalted status becomes a feat of strength. I’m revered as it stands now, so this won’t be too hard.

Obtain old world mounts that will be gone come Cataclysm. The ZG raptor and tiger are my priorities, since they will be gone. I have heard mixed things about Rivendare’s mount, but that is also on my list. I will also be looking at seriously attempting to get the Wintersaber mount, too. I’m a mount collector anyway, so this is big for me.

Obtain any interesting non-combat pets before they are gone. I’m not a huge pet collector on my main – my hunter has almost 100, though – but I want to at least make an attempt to gather the ones that will be going away. Warcraft Pets has some great info on what may be changing come Cataclysm.

Obtain any threatened titles before they are removed. This kind of goes along with reputation goals I have, since they go hand in hand most of the time. I am working on “The Diplomat” off and on. I don’t want to get so close and then have the expansion hit and remove the title for some odd reason.

Complete all of the classic WoW raids. I have a few left for the achievement that I’m fairly certain are going away in the expansion. I want to be sure I get them done! They may be possible to duo with my functionally-retarded ret paladin friend.

See the old world from the eyes of an alt one last time. Yeah yeah. I’m an altoholic. Deal! I have a few alts I truly want to see old content on before it’s gone. There is something about it that is quite nostalgic. It reminds me of when I was young and first saw the world and went “holy crap”. So seeing it once more is kind of important.

Finish the hard-mode achievements for the Ulduar drake. No kidding. My guild started working on this a few months ago and I really hope it doesn’t get scrapped. Starcaller Sylvestris sounds like a really accomplished druid name and I would do anything for that proto-drake. And aside from the elusive Lich Bitch, Algalon is the only other fight I have not seen.

Get the rest of my alts on my main server to 80. I have a 77 warrior, a 74 rogue, a 70 priest (who will likely be banished to another server to make room for a worgen alt) and a 70 warlock. They all need to be 80. It’s partly due to the desire to see them all in shiny tier 9 gear before the expansion, and partly because it bugs the crap out of me to see numbers not matching on the log-in screen. Told you I was slightly OCD.

Stockpile a ton of emblems. I don’t care if I end up with extra and they don’t convert or whatever. I want to have a bit of an advantage as far as the new point system goes. It’s very tempting to spend my frost emblems on T10 gear for my bear spec, but I think it’s a bit late for it to really matter anyway.

Make a crap-ton of money off the auction house. Going to do my research and rake in the dough when the economy starts to shift, and hopefully start Cataclysm with my pockets padded to the max. Leveling a ton of alts is expensive if you haven’t tried it. I like being affluent somewhere in life!

And that’s about it. I have some stuff to get crackin’ on before Cataclysm arrives on store shelves and I think it’s all realistic stuff that I can actually achieve. I finally got my coveted black drake last night from a guild Sartharion and 3 drakes kill. It was a very odd moment. Sartharion down after two or three tries, everyone dies and runs back in. Roll for dragon. Mine is highest. Sitting with fingers crossed in chair about to break a rib holding my breath. Random guild mate who never plays rolls and beats me. Ribs broke in unison. I turn to mush in my chair and grumble to myself (it was supposed to be to myself; boyfriend was holding Vent key so everyone heard what I said and I felt bad). But I was perfectly willing to accept the loss and try again next week. Thing is, I’ve been trying every week for…weeks. I rolled a 99 the first time it ever dropped and was wallowing in the congratulations when ninja guild leader attacked me with a 100 and stole my dragon. He went AFK outside the instance afterwards and ended up dead (don’t know why) and upon coming back I told him I killed him and tried to loot the dragon but it didn’t work. So the running joke is that he stole the dragon with his leet guild leader hax and I’m never going to get the dragon. Except, I haven’t gotten the dragon. And it’s slowly crept towards the realm of “slightly less than fair” because we were supposed to be doing this as a team, running it over and over until everyone had a drake. Except the people who won drakes stopped showing up and helping out. So we had to bring in new people who won the drakes over the people who had been there every time…anyway. I don’t feel more deserving of this dragon than the guildy who rolled it, but I did mumble to myself about fairness and other cliches until my guild leader informed me that the winner had chosen to pass, seeing as she didn’t actually have epic flying. I won my dragon. I expressed my gratitude to my guildy in the form of 1500 gold towards her epic flying purchase. I have a dragon. Look!

*Edit: Aw, it cut off his wing. I’m not competent enough to try and fix it. Pretend he has two full wings.


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