The Patch Days of Summer

We all love patch days. Don’t lie! You love it. The server maintenance stretching through the day. The instability. The glitches! The bugs! The over-powered classes smashing in the skulls of the underpowered ones. It’s a great day to be a WoW player.

I have to admit I did not realize the patch was so close. The day before I was asked “So are you ready for the patch?” and my exact reply was something like “AKGDKJNSYDHALKJDB WHAT”. No, I am not ready for the patch! I did not get a chance to prepare. I did not get a chance to say goodbye to my beloved tree form.  I did not get a chance to…I don’t know. I just wasn’t ready. But the patch hit and I spent a good portion of the night downloading it. I will be the first to admit that school is tearing my soul to itty bitty pieces and I have spent several weeks logging on only to raid. Lord knows I would rather be a vegetable in this computer chair than do anything productive in it, but I have two separate research projects to hammer out and the semester is rapidly drawing to a close. In ten years time when I have a PhD and people refer to me as “Dr.” I will be eternally grateful for this grueling experience. Right now I just whine and drag my feet and grumble under my breath and work through it.

Anyway. I don’t see a whole lot of difference between pre-patch druid healing and post-patch. Different spells do different things at different times with different numbers, and I can’t spam Nourish anymore or blanket everyone in Lifebloom stacks. Oh well. We raided ICC tonight and tore it to pieces, got hung up on Sindragosa again but nothing was really fundamentally different. Figuring out when to pop tree form was awkward. I didn’t even use it most of the time – bosses died so fast and most of our healing was over healing anyway. We steamrolled ICC. Used it twice in the Dreamwalker fight. Can’t go wrong with more heals there. Mostly it’s just training myself NOT to hit that button before we engage. I wasted my cooldown several times that way.

The biggest annoyance was my internet (which kept cutting out) and a few post-patch bugs that kept forcing people to relog. The loading screen got stuck. Addons were a mess. We’re all a little iffy on what exactly we’re supposed to be doing with our new specs and rotations and abilities. But it went fine. I kept cussing because I would try to stack Lifebloom on two people. And our time-honored guild tradition of battle rezzing our way through a sloppy encounter is no more. Today was truly a day of mourning for the tree druids. But I found that I actually don’t notice that I am no longer a tree. It’s not like I stare at myself during a boss fight. No, my attention is on health bars and not standing in fire and who is where and WHY is that person out of range and a whole mess of those things that I have to look at. I didn’t notice I wasn’t in tree form. I can still whine, it just has less punch behind it because, let’s face it, rotten broccoli is nothing to be proud of anyway.

I fiddled with reforging. I figured I could use a little less spirit since my mana regen is incredible. I am one of those healers the developers looked at and went “WOAH NOW HONEY. You’re supposed to care about mana!” and then started nerfing the crud out of everything blue and good. I do not recall having gone out of mana since…Naxxramas. So while I am nervous about the reported mana issues in the beta (which I still have not checked out; I’m a wuss) tonight I didn’t have a single problem – AFTER reforging a ton of my spirit into haste. Apparently druids now need gobs and gobs of haste so we can squeeze a few more HoT ticks out of our shortened HoT spans. I was never at the haste cap to begin with. I don’t even know how it’s POSSIBLE. I gem for spellpower/haste and have mostly haste gear and have haste talents…and I was still short before the recent patch. Someone enlighten me because apparently I missed the boat on this one. And now the magic number is even higher so in a bid to somehow min/max my lazy ass, I ran to reforge as much of my spirit as I could into haste. Any eligible item got hit with a reforge and as I stand now I am still nowhere near the damned cap. Buh.

I was expecting mana problems after I reforged, but I encountered nothing of the sort. I got down to about 50% at one point – OH GOD NO! – but it refilled before I even really took notice. I suspect this will not be the case in Cataclysm, and as such I’m going to love the ever-loving crap out of my mana as long as possible.

So druids. Not in as bad a place as I thought they would be. I have not tried bear. I will likely not try bear. Not until a few passes go by and the developers have evened things out. I hear threat is hard to come by now. No bueno.

I’d best be getting back to re-specing and re-gearing and re-everything-ing my alts. I have so many. Times like these I curse my altoholism. Good night, everybody.


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