Sindragosa Down

After months of stalled-out raiding with my guild, a few of us banded together one night and pulled in super-pro friends from two other guilds for a night in ICC. We started at Sindragosa and took her down on the first try as if we’d been doing it for ages. It’s an excellent feeling to finally accomplish something you always knew you could, but were unable to. It’s not that we didn’t know how or that tanks/healers/dps weren’t on the ball. It’s a combination of not having enough people at any given raid night and having to fill those spots with undergeared people and just simply not raiding anymore due to frustration with numbers.

We recruited a few people to soften the blow of losing our two main tanks, but one of the tanks quit the game entirely shortly after joining (nice timing…thanks a lot…) and the other is not on very often. It’s a frustrating time to attempt to recruit end-game raiders. I think most people are either burned out on raiding entirely, don’t care anymore, or are taking a break until Cataclysm. I don’t blame them really, but it makes searching for prime guildies a daunting task.

We marched on to the Lich King and spent several hours making good progress on him. Most of the raid had the Kingslayer title, and all but two people had seen the fight before. Myself and a boomkin druid friend were the only real “newbies” to the fight, but I have to say we picked it up fast and it’s surprisingly simple to understand once you see it. I swear to God we had it once, but a really unlucky Defile placement caused us to wipe. We are slotted to go back in on Monday, and I know we’ll get it then. It’s the last thing I really want from this expansion to feel truly like I got the most for my time investment in this game.

Until then I am leveling various alts, working on various school projects, and attempting not to lose my mind before the semester ends.


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