Random Observations

I have no brain matter left after finals (and my fingers are cold) which equates to having no desire to format a lovely, structured post. Instead, you get random observations lumped in a semi-sensible fashion. Enjoy.


I maintain that archaeology is still a fun and interesting secondary profession. I’m just more apt to call it tedious than anything else right now. After level 100ish you stop gaining skill-ups from finding things and start gaining them only by making things, which slows you down a bit. A lot. I discovered my first rare artifact and am working on the 100 pieces of night elf junk needed to complete it. I’m still getting mad experience from finding things, though, so I can’t complain too much.

Something is wrong with my graphics and water no longer renders properly in the world. At video settings low and fair for water I can see it. Anything past that and water (and mercury in Deepholm) disappears entirely. It’s annoying.

I completed Hyjal and moved on to Deepholm to quest. It’s fantastic. The music is creepy, the atmosphere is chaotic, and the scenery (while not wildly interesting in the traditional sense) gives the feeling of a truly forgotten underworld ruled by rock elementals and shattered by an insane dragon aspect.

I admit to being the “speed” quester who does not read quest texts. I know I’m missing a huge chunk of story and lore. I know I’m missing “the best part”. I don’t really care. It takes too long and I would rather complete quests than read them. It is very likely that, upon dragging my second character to 85 (at a more relaxed pace no doubt), I will take the time to read things.

I am irritated that the Booty Bay bruisers are now level 85. I never got to finish the grind for Bloodsail Admiral and now it looks like it will be impossible. That also means I am stuck at hated reputation with the goblin factions, which means any and all quests they give are locked out of my reach for the time being. So far, it’s already kept me from getting an achievement in the Eastern Plaguelands, and that alone sets my teeth on edge.

I have both tanked and healed the first 3 dungeons so far. Tanking is stressful and causes anxiety. I am very used to tanking on my paladin, who even after AoE tanking was nerfed could generate AoE threat like no other. Not so with a bear tank. I did find that alternating swipe and thrash on cooldown could generate enough threat to keep mobs from peeling off towards the healer, but the real key is communication with the DPS than anything else. People seem to be phobic of communication especially in PuGs. It’s a shame, because with the return of viable CC we really do need to be talking to each other. I was ecstatic to meet a rogue in an otherwise all-guild run who was open to discussing strategies and sap targets. Hats off to him.

Healing, on the other hand, is about where I figured it would be. Difficult and a bit irritating, but otherwise the same challenge I have come to really love. Mana is a problem. It won’t always be a problem, so hang in there if you’re struggling. I have NEVER run out of mana in a raid since…I don’t know when. I do not recall the last time I had to announce “oom” in a raid. Even if I die and am battle rezzed, my mana regens fast enough that it was never a problem. Everyone else knew that my innervate was theirs if they need it. I just never ran out. That said, I have no idea what to do with myself now. I run out of mana insanely fast. I am having difficulty getting away from the “everyone must have 100% health at all times” mindset ingrained from Wrath times. That is crucial to any healer in Cataclysm: keep them alive; don’t top them off. I’m learning. We’ve been successful in our guild dungeon runs.

Leveling with Boyfriend is an interesting affair. He is a good player, but something about hauling his ass around Azeroth reminds me of trying to herd an ADHD toddler through Disneyland. Every 30 seconds or so I have to stop and ask if he’s coming. He says he is. He actually isn’t. I am always two steps ahead of him. He is always halfway across the zone, somehow, when just five seconds before he was right behind me. It is interesting. I also enjoy it.

I cannot wait for Uldum. CAMELS!



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  1. Uldum is by far my favourite zone. I really hope you enjoy it and take the time to at least read the Indiana Jones quests. The quest text contains hilarity. HILARITY.

    I actually like archaelogy too. I dig up things while waiting for my queue. Sure I’m only skill level 50, but it’s relaxing! I likes it!

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