A New Year; A New Keyboard

I finally gave up on my old keyboard. My nails had scratched the paint right off the keys and the entire keypad was blank. Just blank keys. It didnt bother me one bit or slow my typing, and it had the interesting side effect of preventing anyone else from using my computer…but it had developed another symptom of getting old. It was shocking me. The first time I pressed a key only to have it return voltage to my finger was the last time I contemplated buying a new keyboard: the decision had been made. I purchased a Steelseries professional gaming keyboard for about $100 dollars a week ago and it came yesterday. It’s sleek and fancy and has an entire pad dedicated to gaming, which makes me happy but also means I have to completely readjust how I play. I played with the same keyboard for 4 years and my fingers are very much locked into their patterns, which dont fit the new keys at all. I find myself over-reaching or hitting the wrong keys and it makes for sloppy game play. I will learn! I did learn that I cant have long nails anymore. No way I’m going to ruin an expensive keyboard with vanity.

I have been diligently leveling a new druid with Boyfriend, which will result in a druid leveling guide very soon. I’ve also been leveling archaeology like a fiend and finally capped it out at 525 a few days ago. I have a handful of rares including the fossilized raptor pet. It’s just fun.

Things I Find Annoying:

Heroics. I have stopped running them entirely, unless the group is 5/5 guild members. I’m so sick of how people treat each other. At the first sign of anything less than a perfect run, their first instinct is to start insulting people and calling them names and, instead of endeavoring to fix the problem, only make it worse. Every run I’ve been on has traded out 2 or 3 members several times. It takes 2 hours to finish anything. No one is happy by the end. Heroics are supposed to be hard, but instead of working at an obstacle people just throw up their hands and start tossing around swear words. I’m absolutely disgusted by the people I meet in the dungeon finder. I find myself caring less and less about gearing my character for raiding because I cant stand running heroics with people. I think maybe Blizzard overstepped here. Heroics should be hard, yes, but in their current incarnation they are less “challenging” and more “infuriating”. I love running dungeons with all my heart, and I have to be honest, feeling like I cant queue for them makes me less interested in renewing my WoW subscription every month.

Jessica Sellers. Dear Ms. Sellers, please move your operation back to Azeroth proper. Your current hideout in Dalaran, while surely scenic and quiet, is absolutely useless to your scribe clientele. No really. Tell me if this makes any sense. Blizzard wanted to usher people out of the old expansion and into the new one. Fair enough. To accomplish this they took away any reason a high level character would want to make Dalaran, former capital of Wrath, their home. They moved all relevant dailies and trainers to the capital cities of Stormwind and Orgrimmar to shoo max level characters back into the old world and give it some life. Fair enough. Except…wait a second here, the ink trader (heart and soul of the insription profession, people) got left in Dalaran! So now if a scribe has the audacity to make glyphs that require lower leveled inks, they have to travel all the way to Dalaran and then back. I hope this is remedied soon.

Phasing Glitches. I love phasing. Love it! So interactive and dynamic and I giggle stupidly when I notice how the environment changes. But every now and then it bugs out on me and I sit waiting with my thumb up my butt for the phase to change and show the NPCs it’s hiding. It happened yesterday while I was leveling a goblin through the starting zone. I ran back into the Town-In-A-Box place and just as I went to click on the quest giver to turn it in, she and everyone else disappeared and I sat for a good five minutes before the phase shifted in my favor. Annoying!

PS: The fossilized raptor mount just popped up in my archaeology pane. Guess we know what I’ll be doing today!


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