And…There it is.

I got my 100th mount tonight at about 10 pm. This past week and a half I have been working tirelessly towards the Mountain O’ Mounts achievement, collecting anything I could get my paws on. I grabbed the Drake of the West Wind from the Baradin’s Wardens, the final PvP mount from Stormwind, and one of the 100 seal mounts from the Argent Tournament. That left me at 99, with my last mount depending on a rare drop from something. If nothing else, I had the wintersaber lined up for completion in a week or so, but I was farming Tol’vir artifacts today and…up popped the scepter. It took me about an hour to complete and bag my 100th mount, the Ultramarine Battle Tank. I’m not certain how I feel about the dragonhawk model, but it’s flashy and exclusive and the only dragonhawk available to Alliance, so I am satisfied for my efforts. It’s been a long time in coming.

Many, many thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way, especially my guild who has been kind enough to lend a hand from the very beginning, and for staying up late with me running battlegrounds for my last 1000+ honor a few nights ago. You guys rock.

If you’re looking to farm for the Scepter yourself, a few things to keep in mind:

  • Tol’vir artifacts require max level archaeology to dig up. You won’t even see them on the map until then.
  • Consider completing your Night Elf rares first. If you complete every Night Elf rare, then you will have a decreased chance to see Night Elf dig sites pop up on your map, and since Kalimdor is like 90% Night Elf sites, this means you will have more Tol’vir sites pop up. Once I finished my last Night Elf rare (the doll), I started getting a lot more Tol’vir sites, sometimes 6-8 in a row.
  • The wowhead comments for the scepter suggest that there is a pattern involved in Tol’vir rares. Many commenters pointed out that they solved the ring first, then the scarab pendant, then got the scepter. This held true for me as well. Something to keep in mind while you solve.
  • Archaeology is my favorite thing ever, and even I will admit that it is…boring. Tedious. Grindy. Annoying. Consider distracting yourself with television or music while you grind.
  • Don’t ignore sites that are not Tol’vir. You have to dig up other sites to erase them from your map and spawn a Tol’vir dig site, so just dig them up. If you’re looking to make money, both the Night Elf and Fossil sites can produce trash that vendors for 200 gold (the silver scroll case and kraken tentacle, respectively) and the keystones from most of your races will also net some gold on the AH.
  • Don’t give up šŸ™‚


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