My little druid project, Ashcrofte, is slowly earning his keep around more famed druids like Sylvestris. I’ve decided to go after the violet proto on Ash, too, which means Boyfriend and I will be plowing through the holiday achievements full-force in the coming months.

First on today’s agenda was the infamous and much-abhorred School of Hard Knocks…which we just completed about five minutes ago. As this is my second time completing that achievement, I feel perfectly confident declaring it the worst idea Blizzard has ever barfed up, and should promptly be returned to the twisted, half-aborted mind from whence it came. I am of the opinion that it probably still exists because it is the brain-child of some Blizzard higher-up who got his feelings hurt when the vast majority of the WoW player base decreed it to be horrible, and he is staunchly refusing to take it off the table as a matter of wounded pride.

I digress.

In other news, Sylvestris is digging his way across Azeroth once more. There was a time when I assumed I would quit (or at least take a break from) archaeology after completing the battle bug rare (and thus my 100th mount; see post below). How silly of me! No, I went right back at it today for several hours, knocking out a handful of straggling achievements left in my log. I even solved my 20th rare and nabbed the Professor title. Professor Sylvestris sounds…pompous as best. I prefer Profestris.

Next on the list: running more heroics for the Call to Arms satchel (which, on my first run ever, awarded me with the Azure Whelpling pet. Squee!) and continuing my hunt for rare mounts.

Advice for completing School of Hard Knocks, you ask? You realize the event ends tomorrow night, right? Procrastinator.

If you aren’t an absolute PvP dynamo, the best advice I can give you is…

Look pathetic, and pray.


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