Raptor Factor

I mentioned before that I was on a quest to collect as many non-combat pets as possible. Today I took some time between finals (I had over an hour break in between with no studying needing to be done) and worked on getting the raptor pet from the Stranglethorn Vale quest line.

The following was produced because I was dissatisfied with the information and guides available elsewhere on the internet. Enjoy.

Step 1:

You’ll need to pick up a primer quest in order to get the little lashtail baby to drop. Killing creatures in STV without this quest will, for some reason, not allow you to find the raptor.

Alliance: Rebel Camp in northern Stranglethorn Vale. Obtain the quest “Bad Medicine” from Brother Nimetz. Also obtain “The Fate of Kurzen” from Lieutenant Doren.

Horde: Grom’Gol Base Camp on the coast of northern Stranglethorn Vale. Obtain the quest “The Defense of Grom’Gol: Raptor Risk” from Commander Aggro’gosh.

The rest of this guide will be written from the Alliance’s point of view. Presumably the Horde’s version is very similar, if not identical, obviously replacing the Rebel Camp with Grom’Gol.

Step 2:

Head to Kurzen’s Compound and slaughter its citizens until you obtain 7/7 jungle remedies. When the 7th one is looted into your bags, a quest prompt will pop up stating that you have discovered a baby raptor, and directing you to return with him to Rebel Camp.

Also while you are in the area, you will need to complete “The Fate of Kurzen” by looting pieces of paper off the floor inside the houses. Return to Rebel Camp when you are done.

Step 3:

Bring your raptor baby to Corporal Sethman at the Rebel Camp. He will give you a quest to kill basilisks and feed the baby.

Turn in “The Fate of Kurzen” to Doren and accept the quest “Spared from Madness”.

Step 4:

The basilisks are located in the hills east of Kurzen’s compound. Bring your baby with you and it will feast 4-5 times for every one basilisk you kill (if you lose your hatchling, there should be an egg in your inventory that will summon/dismiss him).

For “Spared from Madness” located the two-story house in Kurzen’s Compound (it’s the only one) and head to the second story. Free the three captives in the cage. Return to Rebel Camp.

Step 5:

Return to Corporal Sethman and turn in the basilisk quest. Accept the quest he offers next, even though he admits it is “unrelated”. It isn’t.

Head west with your baby to the Bal’lal ruins on the coast and loot the troll tablet from the ruins. If your raptor got lost, summon him again here. He will run to a little pile of skulls next to the tablet and pick one up, prompting a quest to pop up over his head. Click and accept. Return to Rebel Camp.

Step 6:

Turn in the tablet quest to Sethman.

Osborn Obnoticus (the gnome you saved from Kurzen’s Compound) will be waiting for you. He will give you a quest called “A Nose for This Sort of Thing”.

Head south west to the Tkashi ruins and summon your raptor if he got lost. He will then run around the ruins and dig up troll fetishes for you. You don’t have to do anything, just follow him around. If he seems to get stuck, run a few paces and he’ll pick up the trail again. Collect them all, then return to Obnoticus at Rebel Camp.

Step 7:

Accept the quest “A Physical Specimen” from Obnoticus next.

Head out west to the ruins of Zul’Kunda and head up to the second “tier” of the troll settlement. In the northernmost corner is Gan’Zulah. Kill him and loot him. Return to Rebel Camp.

Step 8:

Your aid has allowed Obnoticus to dabble with troll magic, and he has created Bloodlord Mandokir. Accept the quest from the bloodlord and hand over your baby raptor to him. Bye bye, baby. Maybe we should have left Osborn in that cage after all.

Step 9:

Osborn’s gratitude does not make up for the fact that you had to give up such an adorable companion, but he may have a solution. Accept his quest to visit Priestess Thaalia. Head south to Fort Livingston.

Accept the quest “Mind Vision”.

Step 10:

The next few quests are quick and easy, so I’m going to lump them together.

Head out and kill jungle raptors for their feathers. Return to Thaalia. Accept the next quest, “See Raptor”, and talk with Thaalia to begin. Complete, and accept the Quest “Mind Control”. Head south east to the ruins of Zul’mamwe and kill Braddok, loot his brain, and return to Thaalia. Accept the quest “Be Raptor” and talk with Thaalia to start.

Step 11 – Be Raptor:

You will be transported to the body of your kidnapped raptor baby, who you will then control. Speak with the raptor standing in front of you; each raptor will teach you something new. The object is to avoid the trolls by skirting them as much as possible. If spotted, you will be returned to the last “save point”, which is the last raptor you talked to. Hug the walls and make your way out of the main room and talk to the raptor in the entry way. Then, hug the wall to your right and talk to the next raptor. He will ask you to get him some food. Hug the wall and make your way south to the unguarded hut. Sneak inside and loot the sleeping troll for his food. You have 3 minutes to return to the raptor, who will then teach you to light fires. Head north from there and use the brazier to light the troll mask. Run past while the guards are distracted. Continue down the pathway lighting tiki masks to distract guards. You will need to use sprint to make it to the mask in time to light it. Speak to the next raptor. Head west by dropping skulls into the paths of patrolling trolls. This will cause the trolls to jump off the bridges. When you reach the instance entrance, you will need to light another troll mask on fire. Before you can escape, you will be spotted, and the quest will auto complete and boot you back to Thaalia.

Accept the quest “Report to Ghaliri”. He’s standing five feet away.

That’s the end of the quest chain to get your little raptor, but it isn’t the end of the line. If you completed this quest at a low level, you’ll need to wait a very long time to see the fruits of your labor. If you’re 85 and geared enough to step into Zul’Gurub, then you will need to kill Bloodlord Mandokir to receive the pet. Standing to Bloodlord Mandokir’s left is your raptor friend, chained to a few posts. After his death, the raptor will present you with a quest. Accept to receive your raptor.

Best of luck.


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  1. Very thorough post-tyvm
    If you could be kind enough to add that you don’t actually exit the instance-Shade of Hexxer will appear and you simply stand ON him then he will have a mini conversation with Mandokir.At the conclusion of their conversation you auto-complete and are teleported back to Princess Thaalia-for if you actually leave the instance you will get caught by the berserkers and be put back to the last challenge which is irritating!

  2. Love this guide! Really helped me out… thanks for your hard work!

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