Druid Leveling 4.1 — 1-10

Regardless of which race you chose or which role you plan to fill later on, all druids start the same. You’re scantily clad, kinda squishy, and mostly useless. Thankfully, you’re on your way to becoming one of the most potent and versatile classes in the game. Historically, druids have had a tough time with the leveling process. Cat form wasn’t available until level 20, mangle didn’t come until level 40…ah, I remember leveling my first druid…I also remember that I hated it. Luckily for you, Blizzard has smoothed out the leveling process for many classes, and the druid has been overhauled for the better. Let’s take a quick introductory look into levels 1 through 10.

Level 1:

You start out with only one spell available to you (not counting any racials) – Wrath. From now until level 4, you will spam Wrath to kill anything. Just spam it. Spam it good.

Level 2:

You earn Rejuvenation, a staple in any healer’s line-up. Unless you’re failing miserably, you shouldn’t need to use it yet. But it’s there in case you have an oops and require healing. It’s your standard heal-over-time spell, no bells or whistles…yet.

Level 3:

…Nothing. Keep questing and killing.

Level 4:

Moonfire! A standard damage-over-time spell which will be a source of major DPS later on. Right now things die so fast with Wrath spam that there isn’t a pressing need to also hit them with Moonfire; however, you won’t go wrong if you use it anyway.

Level 5:

Thorns. Thorns is, well…it’s thorns. On my level 85 druid, I have largely forgotten about thorns. For now, it’s mostly an “oh shit” button. If you have more mobs beating on you that you can handle, pop thorns to help deal damage to them when they hit you, and hopefully they will die before you do.

Level 6:

Nothing new here. Keep spamming Wrath and using Moonfire at will.

Level 7:

Entangling Roots is added to your repertoire. While not a particularly potent part of your spell book right now, the roots are nonetheless your only form of crowd control for now. If you pull one too many mobs, root one and pull the rest away. Rooted mobs can’t take much damage, or else the roots will break, so avoid rooting a mob that has moonfire or another DoT on it. In addition, roots are only effective on melee-type mobs. Casters will just continue to cast, rooted or not. Finally, if you know a particular mob hits hard, you can begin with roots and then moonfire and wrath before he breaks free and runs to you, to buy yourself some extra time.

Level 8:

Level 8 opens a whole new can of whoop-ass on the leveling game. You receive cat form and a host of abilities only available while you’re in it. Regardless of the spec you want to be or the role you want to fill, cat form for now is your most powerful form. You can continue casting wrath and moonfire if you’d prefer, but I usually find that killing things as a cat is much more efficient. Claw is your basic melee attack as a cat. Each time you claw a target, you generate 1 combo point. Rake is a bleed effect, meaning you use it to apply a debuff to your target that adds one combo point and also causes damage over time. If your target isn’t dead after a claw or two and a rake, use Ferocious Bite to consume the combo points and deal a large chunk of damage.

Lastly, you’ll gain Nourish and Starfire. Nourish is a solid heal that will be your staple until much, much later in the game. If you have a HoT (such as rejuvenation) on your target, Nourish will heal for more. Starfire is a large nuke that you will find more use for at later levels, but for now you can open with it against a target (if you’re choosing not to use cat form right now). Opening is best, since starfire has a longer cast time. Then moonfire, then back to wrath spam.

Level 9:

Nothing new here. Continue clawing or casting things to death.

Level 10:

Congratulations on making it to level ten. You will learn Prowl, which is instrumental in PvP and invaluable in PvE. Avoiding unwanted hassles with mobs is always convenient. You will also earn your first talent point, which is yours to spend where you please. Not sure what to spec or where to spend your points? Check out the next segment in this series.


Wrath and moonfire are your basic spell casting attacks. Use Starfire when you have enough time to cast it without being beaten on. Use Wrath in close quarters, and Moonfire to apply its DoT. Use Entangling Roots to keep extra enemies at bay, or to buy more time to cast spells before they hit you. Thorns is helpful in dealing damage to multiple enemies as they beat on you. Pop Rejuvenation if you are low on health in combat; use Nourish if you’re not being hit. Use both if you’re really in trouble. If you choose to spend a few levels as a cat, use Claw and then Rake to apply its debuff and get combo points, then use Ferocious Bite to consume those points and deal extra damage. Prowl to sneak by enemies.


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