Druid Leveling 4.1 – 40-50

Level 41:

Nothing but a talent point.

Level 42:

Nothing, again.

Level 43:

A talent point! How exciting.

Level 44:

Hurricane! Finally balance druids are starting to get their arsenal of AoE spells. Hurricane is going to be a massive DPS boost for trash pulls, but it also eats up a ton of mana. Be picky about when you use it or you’ll spend more time drinking than you will DPSing. I don’t recommend using it on non-elite trash packs, as with other class’ AoE they will die too fast for your hurricane to be of any use, and you’ll have wasted the mana.

Level 45:

Another talent point.

Level 46:

Shred is going to become a mainstay in any feral cat rotation, so get used to using it. It requires you to be behind your target. You will want to Mangle to apply the debuff to your target, then Rake for its bleed effect, then spam Shred to fill up your combo points. Positioning shouldnt be an issue, as you should always be behind your target as melee anyway.

Level 47:

Talent point again.

Level 48:

Hibernate is the second of your crowd control options as a druid, the first being roots. Hibernate is useable on beasts and dragonkin, which reduces its usefulness. While questing you can use it to sleep an extra mob. You won’t see much use in instances until the later levels, as lower level groups rarely bother with CC. Off the top of my head, I know it comes in very handy in Grim Batol on the trash packs.

Level 49:

Talent point. Your 21st talent point will allow you access to some really nice spells, so rejoice. Let’s look at where to put it.

For resto druids, Efflorescence and Wild Growth are the top contenders. They are both heavy group heals, their only difference being positioning. Wild Growth hits everyone in the party regardless, whereas Efflorescence creates a healing circle on the ground that people must (but generally dont) stand in. Both are great choices for your talent point. Nature’s Cure is a must-have for end game content, but not so much right now. Nature’s Ward is nice but in my experience while PuG healing at this level it isn’t going to see much use. I took Wild Growth. Whichever one you don’t take, plan on grabbing it with your next talent point.

For Ferals, Survival Instincts sticks out as being the most useful for bear and cat druids alike. It is a damage reduction “oh shit” button that can save your ass. Primal Madness is great for kitties and a solid DPS boost. Natural Reaction is another good choice for bear tanks.I would take Survival Instincts if you tank, Primal Madness if you’re a cat.

Balance druids will likely gravitate towards one talent only: Force of Nature. Three treants to do your bidding on a small cooldown is a huge DPS boost for bosses or for “uh oh” moments when someone pulls to much and all hell breaks loose. The other 21 point talents are nice, but who wants those when you can have treants?

Level 50:

Yay! Congratulations. You’ll gain leather specialization, a passive skill that increases your primary attribute (your best stat depending on what spec you’re in) by 5% provided you are wearing all leather. At level 85, you should be wearing all leather with no exceptions. At level 50, you can still get away with cloth. If at all possible, try to stick to leather, but if you stumble across a piece of cloth that is vastly better, go for it. You’ll replace gear so fast at these levels anyway that fretting over your gear spec isn’t really worth it. Just remember that the higher level you get, the more that 5% will begin to make a difference.

You will gain access to your second tier of glyphs now, so be on the lookout for good auction house deals or crafty guildies to fill those. If you dont have it yet, I highly recommend the Swiftmend glyph for healing druids, as it will make your Efflorescence talent really shine. I also recommend the Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth for all specs.

Level 50 also provides you with your next class-specific quest (the first being at level 20). Head to your druid trainer to pick it up. The quest is called The Breath of Cenarius and I picked it up in Moonglade. It involves killing Pyromancer Loregrain, who is an optional boss in Blackrock Depths. Loregrain has the unfortunate distinction of being part of neither the Detention Block nor the Upper City segments of the instance, so most (if not all) groups will bypass him entirely. Be vocal, and eventually a helpful group will go out of their way to nab him for you. Kill him, loot the artifact from his body, and use it to close three portals nearby.


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