Druid Talent Tree Analysis for 4.1 (Level 60) — Balance Tree

So here’s that talent point analysis for the 4.1 leveling druid I said I would do and then…kinda didnt.


This isn’t so much a “these are the talents you must take and here is your cookie cutter talent tree template” kind of thing, so if you’re just looking for a copy/paste talent tree thing, search elsewhere. This is going to be more of a “here is why this talent is good/bad/okay for questing or running dungeons” sort of a guide.

This guide is also tuned for level 60 druids who are actively leveling, not level 85 druid who are trying to raid the Firelands content. Keep that in mind, too.

And here we go:

At level 60 you will have 26 talent points to spend. You will be able to spend up to the fifth tier. Where you spend them is your business. Don’t fall in to the “this talent is trash” mentality that some players seem to subscribe to. Place your talent points where you want them, in talents that seem like a good investment for your playstyle. If it doesn’t work, well, a respec is cheap enough these days to warrant some fooling around. Have fun.

The Balance Tree

First Tier

Nature’s Grace — spell haste is always, always a good thing.

Starlight Wrath — also a good talent. The faster you pump out Wrath and Starfire, the faster you hit eclipse, the more damage you do.

Nature’s Majesty — critical strike is always a good thing. However, if the first tier talents, this would be the place to skimp if you so desire.

Second Tier

Genesis — not as great as the above talents. Increased healing does not help your damage (but does help if you’re solo questing) and increased DoT time is just okay. For now, you can skip this talent. Come back to it later.

Moonglow — I’m always looking for ways to save mana (like money). If you find yourself low on mana often, take this. If you don’t think you’ll have a problem, don’t.

Balance of Power — extra hit from Spirit is awesome especially if you’re dual spec’d as a healer. Increased spell damage speaks for its self.

Third Tier

Euphoria — again, mana regeneration is always a hot thing. Getting yourself to and from eclipse states is also a good thing. It means more time spent in an eclipse state, which roughly equals more damage (unless you spend your eclipse states picking your nose or something).

Moonkin Form — uh, duh?

Typhoon — whether you decide to glyph it or not, Typhoon is an amazing utility that can save your ass and still have enough awesome left over to kill things.

Shooting Stars — if you for some reason don’t see any merit in taking this talent, you’re in the wrong spec entirely. Instant cast Starsurge procs are killer. KILLER.

Fourth Tier

Owlkin Frenzy — of debatable importance. You will see this proc far more often if you solo quest, as you’ll be hit by mobs quite frequently, so for the questing moonkin it’s certainly a good thing. For someone who runs dungeons a lot, though, presumably your tank is taking the hits and not you. Pass if you run dungeons primarily.

Gale Winds — a direct buff to your most powerful AoE ability? Yes please.

Solar Beam — hot stuff in any situation. Being able to silence healers and pesky casters saves you and your group quite the headache, and will be mandatory at the end game anyway.

Fifth Tier

Dreamstate — for now I find this talent to be pretty much mandatory for me. Extra mana from Innervate is a glorious thing if you like to spam Hurricane (which is a mana hog). You may find the need to cull talents from this later on if mana is not an issue. A more potent Innervate means less time spent on your ass drinking, which means more time killing things. Win.

Force of Nature — don’t leave the little trees homeless. Adopt your trees today. That means it’s mandatory.

Sunfire — it takes a bit of sleuthing to deduce why this is so good: Moonfire does arcane damage, which means that while you have a Solar eclipse proc up, Moonfire is not taking buffed damage. But this talent changes Moonfire to Sunfire, which does nature damage, thus benefitting from Solar eclipse. Nifty, huh?

Earth and Moon — you’d be crazy not to take this, as if effectively gives 10% increased damage to targets afflicted with this debuff.

Sixth Tier

Fungal Growth — meh. I never take this one. Maybe if you PvP a lot where slows would be a huge benefit to your team, then this talent is for you. But as it is, most things die fast enough that a little slow effect is pointless. I would save my points for something more directly benefiting damage.

Lunar Shower — buffs damage done by Moonfire, always good. It also pushes your eclipse meter back and forth a tad faster.

Final Tier

Starfall — oh come to mama. Starfall has had its…uh…its challenges over the years. It used to enjoy pulling mobs from miles away. I once ended up with no less than half (only slight exaggeration) of Dragonblight eating my face because a friend popped Starfall. It’s been revised and fixed since that time, though, so you shouldn’t fear using it. It’s a potent AoE that, when coupled with Hurricane, can mow down almost anything in seconds. It’s the grand overlord of AoE destruction and there is no way in hell you should even think about skipping this.


We’ll talk about Resto talent next, but in an effort to not pound you over the head with a 26-page post on talents, the next installment will be coming along in a day or two.






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