You ever get the feeling that the dungeon finder system likes to screw with you?

Sometimes I think it sits there in its high-backed executive chair deviously stroking a white cat while plotting its next annoying stunt.


I queued as both DPS and healer on my baby druid a few minutes ago for Slave Pens.

First queue pops: DPS. Hooray! I don’t have to switch specs. Oh, someone declined the queue. Grumble.

Second queue pops: DPS again. Phew that was close. Damnit, someone declined again.

Third queue pops: DPS! Man I got lucky – DAMNIT. Stop declining, people!

Fourth queue pops: Healer. Fine. Maybe someone will decline it…

Everyone accepts. Zoning in to Slave Pens.

Crap it all.

Tank doesn’t give me five nanoseconds to switch specs. Someone leaves the group before I’ve even finished zoning in.

We queue again. I get slotted as DPS.

Make. Up. Your. MIND!

Totally not the first time it’s happened, either. Only about a week ago I was running Blackrock Depths (the whole freakin’ instance) with a group. As groups generally go, someone dropped out about every 20 minutes or less and we re-queued repeatedly. First I was a healer. Then I was DPS. Then back to healer. Then DPS again. The tank was laughing at me. I finally unchecked one of the role boxes (don’t remember which anymore) and stayed whatever I had been for the remainder.

Lousy queue.


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