Druid Talent Tree Analysis for 4.1 (Level 60) — Restoration Tree

Here’s the next segment of my talent analysis for the leveling druid: the restoration tree.

Again, this is the type of guide that focuses on the why and the how of talents, so if you just want a cookie-cutter spec thrown at you, look elsewhere.

Because the restoration tree is centered around healing, and healers in general are not solo-effective, I’m not going to discuss talents in the context of “if you solo, then…” because…if you’re trying to solo quest as a healer, you’re probably insane.

Restoration Tree

First Tier

Blessing of the Grove — increased healing to Rejuve is always good. No one cares about Moonfire.

Natural Shapeshifter — meh. Reduced mana cost is okay, but not enough to be incredible, and of course increased duration of Tree of Life (which you don’t have yet at level 60) is hot, but the real reason you take this is to access its linked talent.

Naturalist — decreased casting times is always a must for any healer. It equates to more healing over a period of time and less people dead due to “damnit, I had a heal coming” type things.

Heart of the Wild — another less than amazing talent, but increased intellect is directly related to increased healing, so it is at least viable.

Second Tier

Perseverance — you can look at this from a few different angles, but I tend to just view it as a waste of my talent points. A PvP druid will love it, and a PvE druid will probably pass it by. Again, at level 60 you probably wont be taking enough damage to warrant spending any points on this talent; at level 85, though, you may decide raid/heroic damage is plentiful enough to want it. Your call.

Master Shapeshifter — increased healing by 4% is nothing to sniff at.

Improved Rejuvenation — again, more increased healing. Good stuff.

Third Tier

Living Seed — great for healing a tank. That little bloom of free healing is always welcomed, however small it may or may not be.

Revitalize — you dont have Lifebloom yet, which makes much of this talent kind of worthless, but you do have Rejuvenation, and mana is always a good thing. You can spend points in it now for a little extra mana, or you can wait until you get Lifebloom to spend the points. Your call.

Nature’s Swiftness — I rarely ever use this while healing, even at level 85. It’s an “oh shit” button that you will pretty much always use with Healing Touch (it being your longest cast time and most potent). At level 60ish, you’ll probably not have need for such a thing, since Swiftmend has pretty much the same effect but with added AoE healing. You’ll want it eventually, but not necessarily right now.

Fury of Stormrage — I don’t honestly know what to think of this. Is it intended to help resto druids quest and solo stuff on their own? Is it intended to encourage resto druids to DPS while in a group? Neither of those options is acceptable. If you want to quest, go feral or balance and you should never waste mana and global cooldowns by DPSing when you queued as a healer. No no no and no. This reeks of PvP. Skip it otherwise.

Fourth Tier

Nature’s Bounty — more healing buffs. Yes. It also means your Nourish spell will be quicker to cast if you have Rejuve rolling on three or more people, which can certainly happen if lots of damage is going around.

Empowered Touch — increases healing done by a host of your strongest heals and also grants those heals a chance (100% at two points) to refresh your Lifebloom stacks (which you don’t have yet). The refresh is very important once you have Lifebloom.

Malfurion’s Gift — this one buffs spells you don’t have yet at level 60, but it should be revisited when you do have them later on. Lifebloom giving Omen of Clarity is great for mana conservation and the reduced cooldown on Tranquility (far and away your most powerful heal) is mandatory. Malfurion doesn’t skimp on the awesome when he gives a gift, eh?

Fifth Tier

Efflorescence — we’ve discussed this before and why it’s so great, but let me reiterate just in case you weren’t listening: this is mandatory! The group healing effect is powerful enough to speak for its self here.

Wild Growth — again something we’ve already had words about, but let me briefly restate: this is one of your best AoE healing abilities. It is a must-have.

Nature’s Cure — at the lower levels being able to cure magic is not really a priority. The higher you go, though, the more this becomes handy, to the point where it will be mandatory at the end game level. Being able to dispel magic in addition to poisons and curses makes you far more likely to be able to keep people alive in dicey situations. Magic debuffs can tick for insane amounts of damage, just like curses, so any savvy healer will want this.

Nature’s Ward — meh. The way I see it, if you’re being actively beat on while at or below 50% health, you’re going to be healing yourself anyway. Still, a free and instant HoT cast on yourself that doesnt trigger the global cooldown is a good thing. This is one of those “if you want it” talents, not a “must have”.

Sixth Tier

Gift of the Earthmother — what did I tell you about gifts? Always a good thing.

Swift Rejuvenation — means you can pop out Rejuvenation on more people faster. Good.

Final Tier

Tree of Life — the ultimate in healing druidyness. 15% increased healing plus a host of enhanced spell effects means this is probably one of the best healing buffs available in your talent tree. They don’t call us tree druids for nothing.


In a few days we’ll look at the Feral talent tree and its implications for both cat and bear druids. Keep an eye out for the 60-70 chapter of the leveling guide, too.


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