Druid Talent Tree Analysis 4.1 — Feral (Level 60)

Here we go with feral, the only “dual spec” tree that doesn’t require two separate specs to accomplish the same goals.

If you really want to, there are plenty of ways to arrange your talents to succeed as both a tank and a melee DPS. On the flip side, you are also perfectly capable of arranging your talents to be “just” a tank or “just” DPS. A leveling druid will likely get more mileage out of a hybrid build while a druid at level 85 will more likely wish to specialize. It’s your call all the way.

Without further ado…

The Feral Tree

First Tier

Feral Swiftness — I am a huge fan of the run speed increase, but the chance to dodge for bear means this is a solid tank talent. As a bear, dodge is one of your only mitigation attributes, so if you can increase it you definitely should. This talent also has a nice PvP clause, too.

Furor — full points in this means you start with an instantly full energy bar when you shift to cat, and a good chunk of rage when you shift to bear. You never want to be caught with either bar at empty, so this talent is a must. Additional mana? Meh.

Predatory Strikes — increased crit chance for Ravage is nice. You’ll only get one Ravage off anyway since it requires stealth, so it isnt great. The healing bit tacked on at the end is moot for bear druids and less than great for kitties. This appears to be more PvP oriented than anything.

Second Tier

Infected Wounds — causes a debuff to slow the target’s attack speed. That means less damage on you and/or the tank. Good.

Fury Swipe — free DPS increase. Take it.

Primal Fury — additional rage is always good. Additional combo points for critical strikes is a DPS increase. The faster you crank out combo points and fill the meter, the faster you can lay down a Rip or a Bite. Simple.

Feral Aggression — increased Bite damage is good. Automatically stacking Faerie Fire means you wont waste global cooldowns to stack in manually, which means less time spent spamming FF and more time spent attacking.

Third Tier

King of the Jungle — more damage to bears is great, but this talent really speaks to kitties. It will refill your energy bar in addition to amping your DPS every time you hit Tiger’s Fury, which means you wont waste a second of that short little damage buff. Good stuff.

Feral Charge — there’s no way to justify not taking this. Charges are all well and good, yes, but you take this talent in order to get its linked partner.

Stampede — increases the bear’s melee speed and removes the stealth and positioning requirement for a cat’s Ravage. Win. This makes charge your opener of choice for both roles.

Thick Hide — entirely a bear talent. If you plan on being a bear tank, plan on taking this talent.

Fourth Tier

Leader of the Pack — endows your group with a crit buff (awesome) and causes your critical strikes to heal you for a small amount. Excellent talent for the solo-enthusiast and always optimal for any druid.

Brutal Impact — all about the interrupts. Great for PvP and PvE alike.

Nurturing Instinct — another talent that is best saved for the PvPer. You will not be popping out to heal as a bear, and even if you decided to as a cat your heals would be next to worthless anyway.

Fifth Tier

Primal Madness — treat it like an instant “energy potion”. Pop it to increase your damage output, sure, but the real reason I keep this thing on cooldown is for the instant boost to my energy bar.

Survival Instincts — THE defensive cooldown for ferals. Bears and cats alike will want this. It is one of two (Barkskin being the other) damage reduction tools in your toolkit.

Endless Carnage — increased duration of Rake means you don’t need to reapply it quite as often. That is nice. Same for Savage Roar and Pulverize.

Natural Reaction — a pure tanking talent. Reduces damage and increases avoidance, plus increases rage gained when you dodge.

Sixth Tier

Blood in the Water — it may take a moment for the effect of this talent to really sink in. As a rule of thumb, you always want Rip to take priority over Bite. If your target is at very low health, however, and Rip would not last long enough to be useful, Bite is the better choice because it delivers a larger dose of damage all at once. So, if you have a target that already has Rip ticking away on it, this latent lets you use Bite to refresh Rip’s duration 100% of the time. If you are a master of proper timing, it means you can keep Rip ticking indefinitely while at the same time punctuating it with large bursts of damage from a 5 point Bite. Pure win.

Rend and Tear — increases damage done by Maul and Shred to bleeding targets and increases Bite’s crit chance on bleeding targets. As a feral druid, you target should always be bleeding.

Pulverize — a massive attack for bear druids. Use after you have applied three stacks of Lacerate.

Final Tier

Berserk — this means Mangle is going to pop off cooldown a lot more frequently. Use it when it does. It also has an on-use effect which basically makes you a rabid, furry killing machine. Use it to grab snap aggro on a large trash pack that may otherwise have blown right past you. Use it to decrease the energy cost of your kitty attacks and get double the damage going. Use it. A lot.


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