As I work my way towards level 80 (three bars to go!) I have been randomly queuing for dungeons to finish out my Northrend Dungeonmaster achievement. I’ve come to realize I probably wont be able to finish it, because the level 80 dungeons require a higher iLevel than I currently have, so I may end up running them after I hit Cataclysm content. Anyway.

I noticed as I was queuing an oddity in the dungeon finder system. If I queue as both healer and DPS I get into a group within seconds, but nine times out of ten it is as DPS. Now, if I queue solely as DPS…well, I don’t know how long it will take, because I left the queue after 40 minutes.



It seems I should pay more attention to achievement requirements! Trial of the Crusader and the Icecrown 5-mans are not required for Northrend Dungeonmaster, something I learned once I finished Culling of Stratholme and got my achievement. So that wraps up my adventures in Northrend (I hit level 80 in Strat too). Stay tuned for the level 70-80 guide.


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