A Look Back on the Firelands Dailies

I’m a few days behind, but I finally finished the Molten Front dailies and the Leyara quest chain.

It was worth the effort.

Speaking of effort, I had to dual-box the majority of my time in the Firelands, because The Boy refused to allow himself to fall behind on dailies while he was gone for two weeks. So for two weeks I ran around with his toon on follow and got him all his achievements and marks. I don’t recommend it. It wasnt fun. I got burned out and didnt do them at all for 3 days, hence being behind. Go ahead and insert another few paragraphs of grouchy rambling here, because I’m too lazy to type it.

Moving on.

The Molten Front dailies provided some of the best fun I’ve had in WoW in a long while. I love achievements, so as soon as I saw all the achievements available to me there I went a little nuts. Speaking of achievements, I have a guide coming up on how to earn them all, so stick around.

The quests were especially gratifying as a druid. I felt like I was really a part of something that an old druid like Sylv would be a part of. I felt like I was really involved in the war against Ragnaros. Maybe not on the front lines, but it was nice to still be in on the action. I’ll likely never see the Firelands raid, so this was a nice touch for me.

I loved the druidy quests and the flame druids and the druid everything-ness of the Firelands. I would kill to get Staghelm’s polearm thing that turns kitties into fire kitties. There is nothing more badass than a fire kitty.

The quests themselves were fun (albeit repetitive, but that’s kinda defined in the word “daily”, right?) and engaging. I loved all the voice artists and the fun cut scenes and such.

I especially liked how the mobs operated for the quests in regards to tagging and quest credit. I can’t imagine how horrid those quests would be if mobs grayed-out upon being tagged. Ugh. It was nice to be able to kill things in mob fashion without having to actually group with people. Mad props to the developers who realized they should do it this way.

I only have two achievements left for my title, and even then I’m only missing a few things from each achievement. I’m certainly going to continue doing these dailies every day as often as possible. One because the gold is pretty good, and also because I want marks so I can by the cache off the vendor. I want that little fire pet! The Boy also has a few days left to finish his dailies (he wanted to get the achievements -I- earned him for himself…grumble…) so I’ll be doing them with him anyway.

So overall I really enjoyed this bit of content. Am I going to do it again on another character? Heck yes. I just don’t know who yet.


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