Izza vs. The Dungeon Finder: Round One…FIGHT!

Orc Sea Dog says: I may or may not have pissed myself.

Uh…that’s great, dude…*thumbs up*



Little Izza hit level 15 a while ago and I took her into the Deadmines for some pirate-slaughtering fun. It was interesting. Successful, but interesting.

I don’t know why people insist on ignoring etiquette in low level dungeons. It makes it very difficult to tank things when someone pulls before I can even get close enough to hit the mob. Then everything scatters and I cant get aggro, which means no rage, which means no nothing. So long as no one has the stones to bitch to me about a problem they’re causing, I guess I can just deal with it.

Ragefire Chasm is the bane of any decent player’s low-level existence. They really need to fix it so that the “end” boss is not the first boss in the dungeon. Every time, without fail, we kill Taragaman the Hungerer and then the group bails. Since you’ve already completed the dungeon technically, you can’t queue for more…it’s a pretty big oversight by the dungeon planning department.

Also, anyone who joins a dungeon with Rez Sickness ought to be tracked down and clubbed over the head with their own keyboard. Repeatedly.

Most of my “tanking” consists of taunting things and spamming Sunder Armor. And, because groups these days seem to lack any sense of manners, a lot of cursing under my breath.

Silverpine Forest

I just finished the final quests in Silverpine. Gotta say, one of my favorite zones so far in the old world. I feel a little guilty causing havoc for the Worgen, being a Worgen lover at heart, and kidnapping Lorna makes me feel all kinds of dirty…but the quests are so incredibly fun I find myself not caring. I really wish the opposing quests were available for Worgen, because it seems pretty harsh that they don’t get to see the end to their own story line. Having an entire Alliance camp in southern Silverpine where you work to deter the Horde onslaught would be oodles of fun.

Unfortunately I think my determination to run each dungeon as I level up is forcing me to outlevel Hillsbrad before I even get there. Oh well.


I picked up Glyph of Sunder Armor and Glyph of Cleaving for cheap off the Auction House. No idea if they’re optimal for me, but they were at least affordable.


In Other News

I have continued my pet collecting habit in earnest over the past few weeks. I picked up the last Alliance Argent Tournament pet I needed, purchased a few of the Horde ones at low(ish) prices off the AH, and even got the last crocodile pet from the Outland fishing daily. Finally!

I grabbed the bear and the lasher from the Hyjal dailies and was extremely surprised (and happy!) to see the Scorched Stone in my daily cache. The little fire elemental is a welcome addition to my wee elemental collection.

I was able to buy a special promotion trading card pet as part of a pre-sale thing over on Warcraftpets.com and while I was checking out that purchase I noticed that another TCG pet was on sale for 4 bucks. Uh, yes please! So I bought those two for about 15 bucks total. I’m not in the habit of spending real money on fake things, but for such low prices I can’t feel too guilty.

I also got Mojo a week or so ago while running Zul’Aman with the guild. In that same run I think I also got the achievement for unhexing all of the people. Yay!

And to cap off the rare drops, two days ago I was questing in Stranglethorn just for the quest achievements and picked up the Razzashi Hatchling! It dropped off of Tethis, the quest mob that caps off Hemet’s “kill a zillion raptors for no reason” quest chain. Apropos, right?

I recently saw a Deviate Hatchling on the AH for 200 gold starting bid (800 buyout) and thought I would be crafty and bid on it…and lost. So now I’m irritatedly farming for it off and on.

I’m still working on the Crawling Claw. Almost 40 Tol’Vir solves and I have the mount and the ring and…something else. But it isnt the pet so I don’t care.


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