Summer is over. It’s been interesting.

Lazy may be a better word.

I had good intentions for my time this summer, and between you and me I could not really afford to spend an entire 3 months on my butt. But part of life is rolling with the punches so to speak, and making the best of the hand you’re dealt.

I had grand ideas of spending my time volunteering at the hospital, maybe even getting a part time job somewhere fun and easy (Jamba was my top choice). I had a thousand great ideas to pad my application for grad school. And then Boy’s car broke down and we had to share mine. Since his job is the one that pays the bills, he got the wheels by default and I sort of just…languished.

It wasnt a BAD summer. Goodness no. I spent good times with friends and got to visit my family. I even went to the beach. But it was not how I saw my “last summer” as an undergrad going.

Eventually we will junk Boy’s car and purchase him a “new” one, and since I walk to school there is no urgent need for me to have my car all to myself. We’ll patch things up and move along like we always do. Life, and so forth.

I played a lot of WoW because I had nothing else to do, really. Aside from household chores like laundry and dishes, I have nothing really to DO here. I watch Netflix (Flashpoint and the Tudors are amazing) and sometimes play another game like Plants vs. Zombies but it was mostly WoW. And I got a lot done, sure. I accomplished a lot. New titles, new mounts, new pets…new gear. It’s all something to show off and, sure, I’m sorta proud of it in game, but…

If someone gave you 3 months and limitless opportunities to better yourself, would you really be proud to say you spent it playing WoW?


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