To Level 30…and Beyond!

Dungeon Crawling

Lil Izza has made dungeon running her habit of choice as of late. I’ve given up trying to quest AND run dungeons: there just isnt enough experience per level to do both. So I’ll get back to questing shortly, but for now I’m enjoying blitzing through the lower levels. Level 30 came a lot faster than I expected.

And it’s around this level that my least favorite dungeons pop up, namely Gnomeregan and Stockades. I actually like them both fine (Stocks is boring as hell, though) but it’s the optional bosses that annoy me. People don’t want to do them. They bitch if you try to take any detour. The worst of them will promise that they will stick around to do them afterwards, and then bolt as soon as the end boss is killed. I don’t understand the idea of an “optional” boss at any level in any context. How many times have you killed Mindbender Ghur’sha in a PUG? Once? Twice? Because no one wants to take a brief detour down that optional hallway, just like no one wants to take a brief detour in Stocks to kill Overheat because you don’t HAVE to.

Thankfully I know Gnomeregan like the back of my hand. It’s really easy to get turned around in there. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to tell a PUG “go this way” because no one reads/listens to anyone but themselves. Like the one guy who bawled because I went the “wrong way” in the Electrocutioner’s room….which is a circle. You can go either way. There is no wrong way. Good grief, people.

It’s an exercise in patience, at the very least. I havent met a group yet that was content to let me pull. I’ve grown to ignore the warlocks who run ahead pulling and fearing. I grit my teeth through the shaman who thinks sending mobs flying every which way with Thunderstorm is good dungeon etiquette. I ignore the paladins who run with Righteous Fury on and the hunters who cannot figure out how to turn off Growl.

There needs to be an end-all be-all Holy Bible of sorts, a comprehensive “thou shalt not” list for beginning dungeon-goers. It needs to be an in-game item too, I think, that you can open and peruse at your leisure. And if you break any of the “do nots” it lists, it shocks the crap out of you.

Hammer and Anvil Adventures

Leveling blacksmithing is proving to be a chore, even at the low levels. Probably because I spend a lot of time in dungeons where there are no ore nodes to mine. I’m rectifying that currently. I’ve been running around gathering up as much ore as I can carry, since my blacksmithing is only at level 110.

I’ve been alternating dungeon runs with laps around Arathi and Western Plaguelands. I do about 4 or 5 dungeons and then make a few laps around collecting iron and gold. Arathi is nice because no one is ever there, meaning I don’t ever have to compete for nodes…but the iron nodes there are few and far between. WPL has more competition generally but almost 3 times as many nodes as Arathi, so one lap around the zone nets me two stacks of ore on average. That’s good, because everything I have at the moment that will skill me up requires 5-7 iron bars.

Devastate vs. Sunder Armor

This is a noob moment. Forgive me. I have been using Sunder Armor (glyphed so it hits two mobs at once) up until now. But since I hit 39 I spent my talent point and grabbed Devastate. What’s the difference? Devastate does damage. Okay. Great! Costs the same amount. Cool! But am I supposed to replace Sunder Armor with it? I’m assuming so.


So this post is actually really late. Iza is level 45 right now. That’s what happens when everything goes wrong all at once in real life and you have to put some things on the back burner but not others. Also school started and I’m pressed for time, which I dont general spend playing WoW anymore. Things will smooth out soon here once I get back in the flow of being a student again, but anyway. Yeah. Late post is late. Hopefully I will catch up the posts to my actual adventures here shortly!


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  1. Yes young warrior, you can feel confident in removing Sunder Armor from your action bar.

    Since Devastate applies a sunder along with damage, (and sunder only stack to 3) attempting to use Sunder Armor along with Devastate would be a waste of time.

    Devastate benefits you more and helps you clean up your action bar.

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