Werk Werk

No, I didnt die. I’m still here, if you look closely enough under the heaping mounds of textbooks and journal articles and homework.

School doesnt afford me a lot of leisure time, and I admit to spending it elsewhere than WoW when it does. Still, I havent been completely inactive. I’m still plugging along on various achievements, namely the 150 pet collection and the Glory of the Cataclysm Hero. I got the latter a few days back thanks to my guild and a few helpful non-guildies. I’m tanking more than I am healing these days and it’s pretty fun.

Anyway, I’m 4 pets away from the 150 achievement and those last 4 are proving to be harsh. Now, I could totally go raid the Blizzard store and get the achievement for 40 bucks. But I dont have 40 bucks (that I want to spend on pixels) so I am working on the pets in a more “legitimate” fashion.

I am diligently plugging away at archaeology in hopes that the Crawling Claw will pop up. So far I have solved something like 30 Tol’vir artifacts and no dice…er, claw. I got the mount though so I guess I should be happy. I am also procrastinating on the Argent Tournament dailies to get my very last pet there, the little wyrmling. That just requires the desire to head all the way to Icecrown and slog through a bunch of quests that I was tired of when they were new…

And then the other two pets I will either have to snipe off the auction house for a low price (I keep seeing some of the dragon whelps up for decent prices, but I always think they could be lower, so I wait and then they get more expensive) or I will have to bite the bullet and go farm them myself.

Either way, I will make that little hyperactive celestial dragon thing my own!


About Sylvestris

Gamer, nerd, book worm, baker.

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