Littlest Pet Shop!


The newly redone Hallows End holiday granted me two new pets, the Creepy Crate and the Feline Familiar, bringing my pet total to 148. So I got my ass in gear and ran to the Argent Tournament grounds (barf!) to finally grind out my last pet there. The Shimmering Wyrmling may be boring but it was one pet closer to the achievement. And now, with a little luck, I will never have to return to Icecrown ever again! Unless I suddenly decide to grind out 100s of seals for the mounts…no thanks.

So now, sitting at 149 pets this morning, I was faced with a few options. Option one: drop 5,000 gold on the auction house for any number of rare pets I don’t have yet, such as most of the whelps. Option two: go farm them myself and hope I don’t go mad in the process. Option three: cave and buy one of the Blizzard pets online, either from the official store or through the trading game loot cards.

I hate spending money, either gold or cash, but as I ran back and forth across the wetlands killing Ebon Whelps for the two pets they drop, it started to sound like a good idea. Still, in a last ditch effort to earn this achievement without spending real money, I checked first the neutral Auction House on an alt (since the goblins like to make meat pies out of my druid) and then trudged to the Stormwind Auction house one last time…

I’ve been checking the auction house religiously for months on end now, looking for good deals on pets I don’t have the sanity to farm myself. I’ve gotten lucky a few times, snatching up the Horde pets from the Tournament for a pittance (the neutral AH was loaded with them for 1k each, vastly cheaper than I have ever seen them) and picking up the engineering pets for cheaper than I could make them myself. But when it came down to the wire and there were only a few pets I had yet to collect, I couldn’t really afford it. 10k for a whelp here, 7k there…I just spent 29k for a dragon mount, do you think my pockets are bursting?

And then something awesome happened. Even though I checked the AH when I logged on this morning, I decided to check it again about an hour later just on the off chance something new had been put up.

And I found, to my amazement, a Hyacinth Macaw selling for a buyout of 1100 gold (the other macaw regularly on the AH was selling for 11k). How fast do you think I jumped on that?

So I bought it out and quickly added it to my collection, watched my screen light up with achievement sparklies, and then danced circles around the mailbox as I waited for the little star dragon to be sent to me. Here he is:









Am I done pet collecting? Maybe for a while. Until I get the urge to massacre thousands of innocent dragon babies or run back and forth across Kalimdor in search of Tol’vir artifacts, that is.

Oh, and the seller of the macaw? Totally lamenting the loss of gold for his under-priced item. I have the whispers to prove it. We’ll call it a cautionary tale.


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