A Serious Violation of My Comfort Zone

First off let me apologize for the radio silence (like anyone reads this drivel anyway). It’s the end of the semester which means I am being slowly crushed beneath an ever-growing pile of work, and there have been a series of illnesses and injuries in my family which means I have spent the weekends at my parents’ house where I do not have WoW.

Let’s see now…updates…updates…

Well, I have been pushing myself to not be such a damned pussy, and queuing for the random heroics as a tank so I can get the satchel. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I’m notoriously shy and jerkophobic, and queuing in the dungeon finder all on my own is an anxiety-producing experience. But you know what? I do it anyway because I’m not going to let some idiot’s poor manners ruin the entire game for me. So ha.

The little satchels were an amazing invention on Blizzard’s part. Maybe everyone doesn’t agree but for me they are like a carrot danging in front of my nose that I cannot ignore. On the one hand I am shy and scared of queuing on my own as a tank because some asshat will crush my soul, but on the other hand…satchels. I squirm through an entire dungeon in anticipation and pop it open the second it lands in my bags and it doesnt really matter what it contains, it’s awesome to me. So far I have gotten the azure whelpling, a cockroach and a white polar bear mount (which I gave to an alt because my main has it).

So there’s that. And then there’s the whole concept of me actually tanking, which goes against having been a healer all these years. But it’s fun and I love it and I don’t really plan to go back to healing unless suddenly my guild is swamped with tanks. Ha…ha…ha. And the cherry on top is that I don’t suck, as evidenced by this photo:


We "bearly" made it. Hahaha...

'Scuse me, my bear ass is in the way.


Bad bear puns aside, it was pretty gratifying to have tanked something like a bear run through Zul’Aman. We’ve tried it before a million times, and the furthest we ever got was the second boss. Two bosses in the time limit is nothing to sniff at, but it’s a far cry from blazing through the entire damned instance like a bat out of hell. But the credit goes to my healer (the standard by which I guiltily measure all other healers) and the DPS who were like little miniature bombs of nuclear unstoppableness. I just kinda ran ahead and plowed haphazardly into things as fas as I could.

And then there were the new 5-mans from the new patch, which despite my best judgment I decided I could and would tank…with a three or four guildies behind me, of course, because I’m not THAT brave. The new heroics are a lot of fun in my opinion. I imagined them being a lot harder, too, the way the Zuls were earlier. I imagined wipe after wipe after wipe, short tempers, no loot, and a huge repair bill. I was pleasantly surprised when that wasn’t the case. My only gripe is that the leather gear is all tuned for kitties and rogues, so if I want upgrades I have to mangle them through the reforger in order to make them palatable. Bleh.

So yes. That’s that. Tanking, not failing horribly, fun new patch (I can’t wait for the faire!) and icky gear.

Until next time!


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  1. congrats on the sweet mount. mad props to the healer – i hear that she is pretty good ;P

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