A Little Holiday Cheer

I was so excited for Winter Veil that I finally got around to cleaning up my apartment so I could put out my Christmas decorations! Just goes to show that a little holiday cheer in game can spill over into the real world, too!

While I’ve long ago completed the holiday achievements for this event, I noticed a new one this semester. Dress my druid up in a garishly embarrassing sweater and make him sing off key? Yes please! He needs to be taken down a notch.

And then there is the matter of Lumpy, the new holiday pet available from the daily presents…I am sincerely hoping his drop rate doesn’t become a thorn in my backside. I have nearly every pet now…to miss out on a holiday one knowing I can’t try again for another year might undo me. I must have Lumpy!

I am also missing the red Father Winter’s helper…somehow I never managed to pick one up all these years. AND to top it all off, the 2007 clockwork rocket bot is back this year, which oddly enough I never got either. Time to fill in some gaps in my collection!

But the real present I want this year? The real treat I am hoping for? The crimson whelp from the Wetlands. Maybe Father Winter will scatter a little magic dust around my this holiday season and increase me luck 🙂

So happy holidays, merry Christmas, and enjoy the season!


**EDIT** Well I guess I was worried for nothing. Got my wee lump of coal in my present today. Happy hunting folks!


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