Lunar Festival Fun

I feel like there’s very little to be excited about in WoW right now. I log in, poke a few buttons, snoop on the auction house, and then lose interest and log back out. What might pique my interest in this game? What might make me want to play?

Oh, I know. Add a couple of new pets!

The Lunar Festival got a few nice updates this year, notably the two new pet lanterns that popped up for sale for 50 coins each. Because I never partook in the celebrations in earlier years (at least not once I got all the achievements and the title) I didn’t have a stockpile of coins in my bank, so I had to start over this year. I visited every elder in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms including the Horde capital elders. I was in and out so fast (dirty joke goes here) the guards didn’t even have time to shoot me. I hit a few dungeons to round out my coin collection and then blew it all (we’re full of dirty euphemisms today) on a pretty new floaty companion pet.

Not satisfied with one lantern when I could have two, I hijacked my fiance’s account and took over his newly minted Horde death knight and continued the rampage across the world. Only this time it was very painful. Over the course of the last few days I crawled, died, rezzed, died, and crawled again more times than I care to count. I corpse-hopped through Ironforge, I evaded ancient treebeards in Darnassus, and I ran screaming through Zul’Farak with 90% of the troll population salivating at my heels. It wasn’t pretty. It’s wasnt fun. But 40,000 deaths* later and irreparable damage to my gear (no, really, I can’t afford to repair it) I finally have 50 coins and a shiny Horde-only pet to send to my main. It was worth the effort.

If you’re like me and cannot stand to let a pet pass you by when you could roll a low level alt and get the snot beat out of you, here are some tips.

  • You don’t need to have flying to be able to gather coins, but it does help (a lot).
  • Being at least level 58, such as a new death knight, will open up all of Azeroth’s flight paths for you which makes flying around to collect coins much easier.
  • I recommend making a new death knight of the opposite faction in order to attain the other lantern. It takes about an hour to finish the starting zone and pledge allegiance to your faction.
  • Most of the dungeon elders are off limits. If you’re level 60ish you can get to the Zul’Farak elder, but don’t count on getting to the Stratholme or Blackrock elders without some means of stealth or a helpful high level friend.
  • You can get to the Stormwind elder very easily. He’s not even in the city, and getting to him won’t flag you if you’re Horde.
  • Ironforge is a pain in the ass. Avoid it if you’re Alliance. The corpse run is not worth it for one coin.
  • Use graveyards and spirit healers to your advantage. I was able to get into Darnassus easy because I died close enough inside that my ghost popped up in Dolanaar.
  • You can ghost run across the ocean from Lor’danel to Rut’theran village if you don’t have flying (for Horde).
  • You don’t have to be level 70 to chug on out to Northrend. There are several elders there well within reach of a low level character. I was able to nab 3 or 4 without dying. They are located mostly within cities or camps so you don’t have to brave the wilds too much.
  • You won’t be able to get to 90% of the Cataclysm elders without flying, but if you’re desperate for your last few coins I recommend trying to grab Elder Menkhaf in Uldum, as he is closest to the entry point. You might also have luck running into the Twilight Highlands from the Wetlands and grabbing the elders there. I didn’t attempt these so I don’t know.
  • Finally, here is a helpful macro for those of you who are having trouble with the guards. I kept getting to an elder only to be shot down in one hit, which made it impossible to interact with the elder and complete the quest. If you right click the elder and then spam this macro really fast, it will auto-complete the quest for you.

/script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1)
/script CompleteQuest()
/script GetQuestReward()

And finally, I scored on the auction house and grabbed myself the crimson whelpling for 6 grand. I don’t feel ashamed. I spent countless hours farming for him, so I did put the effort in. Besides, the world will be a better place without whelpling genocide.

Here’s to 167 pets! Hooray!

*possible exaggeration


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