A Random Mish-Mash of Stuff

I keep telling myself I need to update more often with interesting things. The problem with that is two-fold: I don’t have anything to write about and I am not very interesting. Moving on.

The following is just some stuff I have been collecting in my brain for future posts but have come to realize aren’t long/interesting enough to warrant their own article.

A New Blog!

Trees-Per-Second is in need of a makeover! Since I am no longer a tree druid and will most likely not be a tree druid again for some time, I have decided to shift the focus of the blog to a tank-centric atmosphere, complete with a new blog name! Bearly A Tank will launch with the Mists of Pandaria beta, along with new posts on all things bear related. On that note, I am looking for an artist to design the new page header. If you’re artistically inclined and are willing to do some pro-bono work for an aspiring blogger, get in touch with me.

Musings About RP Servers!

It occurred to me the other day after running myself ragged in random dungeon groups that I have never met a person from an RP server who wasnt at the very least polite. It’s entirely possible that I simply ran in to polite players who just so happened to be from an RP realm, but it got me thinking as to other causes of this (admittedly rare) phenomenon. Could it be that roleplayers in general are nicer folks? Doubt it. Might it have something to do with a roleplaying mentality, where you don’t drop character even for random dungeon groups? Maybe. It occurred to me that maybe these players are still “in character” even if they aren’t on their home realm for the time being. Their character isn’t a dick, so they don’t act like one. Or, maybe it is due to the fact that they have some sort of perceived “reputation” they don’t wish to tarnish. If they act like a rotten little prick then people will assume all roleplayers have bad attitudes, or that their behavior will reflect poorly on their guild or their server. Regardless, I wish more people acted nicer in random groups. It would make the whole process of leveling via the dungeon finder a lot less painful.

Iron Man Challenge?

I keep hearing about this thing and it keeps nagging at me. I want to try it. Part of me says go for it! The other part of me says I’m insane. Either way, if I decide to give it a shot I will post here about my adventures. They are destined to be brief and anger-filled.


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