Monthly Archives: May 2012

Is this thing on…?

So uh. Hi there. All five of you who keep peeking in to see if I have died yet.

I am still alive. Sorry for the radio silence.

I have a few excuses prepared, if you will indulge me:

This is my last year in college. I feel the need to not succumb to senioritis and spectacularly fail my wait out of the university. I have been studying hard, cramming my tiny pea-brain full of useful knowledge such as how to physically restrain a non-compliant person with mental disabilities and not so useful knowledge such as how to properly sentence a criminal. Erm…maybe I got those backwards? Eh.

I don’t play WoW as much as I used to. This might be a good thing. It might not be. It’s the end of the expansion and I’m bored and I don’t have much to do except level and gear alts, which gets boring enough without blogging about it.

There has been a lot of drama in my personal life (not the “he slept with her!” kind of drama, but rather the “it could be cancer” type) and without spilling my guts all over you, suffice it to say that I have spent enough time trying to be a good student, a good girlfriend, and a good daughter. Thankfully everything turned out okay and not a moment too soon.

I just finished finals and the realization hit me: I have one summer left before I graduate and become a big successful adult with a degree and a job and a retirement plan*.

But before I become all grown up, I’m going to enjoy my summer, work on a few personal goals, and turn this blog into something I can be marginally proud of. Yes, my plans are still to switch to full time bear tanking, turn the site into a bear-mecca, and overhaul it a bit. I’m still short one talented artist to do my header image for me, so if you’ve been holding out please give me a whistle. I’d really rather not pay someone to draw cartoon bears for an unread blog. Don’t make me give you pathetic eyes.

In the meantime, here is a list of what I have been up to:

  • I leveled 12 characters to 85. Numbers 13 and 14 are catching up.
  • I dragged the lot of them through the dungeon finder for gear and got them in to the Hour of Twilight heroics.
  • I dipped my toes into LFR raiding. Something bit them. I never went back.
  • I started a for-fun alt with Functionally Retarded Ret Paladin. We have had fun.
  • I tamed a bunch of spirit beasts on my hunter and felt proud.
  • I learned how to pally heal and loved it.
  • I got the green proto-drake in a satchel. I promptly gave the middle finger to the Oracles.
  • I bought a motorcycle and rode around Stormwind yelling VROOM VROOM BITCHES.
  • I went a little nuts with transmogrification.
  • I attempted to install the Mists beta but encountered an error and gave up.

And that’s about it.

I would absolutely love to blog about the beta content, but I cannot get around this error and I have received absolutely zero (zip, not, nada) technical support to overcome it. It’s disheartening but I guess I am not too broken up about it. I really just wanted to test out the new pet battle system but it hasn’t yet been fully implemented. Part of my problem is that when I am downloading the beta, my internet slows to a crawl and is effectively useless. Once I can overcome this error message I keep getting, I need to find a time when I can download the beta and not disrupt other activities. I can’t even watch Netflix while downloading, so I basically have to sit on the couch and stare at the progress bar until it’s done…and with an estimated 16 hour download time, I might as well just leave it alone for now.

I think I will do a post about transmog soon. It’s about the only reason I keep logging in some days.

Ta ta.


*Probably an exaggeration.