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Transmog: Sabriza

I don’t transmog my characters so I can feel like a special snowflake. In fact, most of my sets are pretty common. I transmog to make my characters look cool to me, not to someone else. So even if ten other people have the exact same set, I’m happy because I have the set I want and it looks good to me.  Take my enhancement shaman Sabriza as an example. I have seen countless people running around wearing the basic Battleforge mail set. It’s a pretty common, sought after set, and rightly so. It looks amazing. Finding ways to make a common set unique to me is what transmog is all about.

Sabriza is wearing almost the full Battleforge set. It’s not an easy set to collect by any stretch of the imagination. Due to its color scheme and overall aesthetics it has become quite popular, and when I was farming the auction house for it I frequently found pieces selling for hundreds if not thousands of gold. The gold, red and black is a bold, fierce way to accessorize, and I thought it looked particularly good on a shaman of the same nature.

Once again I chose to turn my cloak graphic off, at least until I find the one specific cloak I am gunning for. I just think draenei look silly with their cloaks floating way out over their tails. The cloak I want is a drop off a rare mob in Westfall, but after probably 20+ kills I have yet to see it. The shoulders are actually from a Burning Crusade-era PvP set. I had the Battleforge shoulders for a long time but ultimately decided that they didn’t match very well (they were red and gold but lacked black like the rest of the set) and that I wanted something darker. The Merciless Gladiator’s Linked Spaulders were darker and had a much more shaman-y feel to them.

What weapon you choose for this set ultimate depends on your class and spec, so look for something gold/red/black or some combination thereof. I grabbed the axes from Magister’s Terrace as they were the easiest and best matching option I could find. The helm is not part of the set; rather, it is a boss drop from Molten Core and as such will prove more difficult than the rest of the set to obtain.

Want The Look?

Battleforge Set – this set is a random world drop from mobs in the level 30 range. I have heard that farming Gnomeregan is a decent but tedious way to collect it. You may have better luck farming the auction house. This set shares its looks with the Blood Knight set, also mail, which drops from level 65-ish mobs in Outland.
Shoulders – Merciless Gladiator’s Linked Spaulders – sold by Kezzik the Striker in Area 52 (Netherstorm) for 750 honor points
Cloak – Privateer’s Cloak – drops off a rare spawn, Brack, who runs up and down the southern beach of Westfall
Axe – Sun-Forged Cleaver – drops from Selin Fireheart in Magister’s Terrace
Helm – Crown of Destruction – drops from Ragnaros in the Molten Core


Transmog: Janieryn

I don’t really like how robes look on Draenei and Worgen, or Tauren for that matter. Something about how their feet dont touch the ground flat enough for the robe to look good. I prefer to have my casters wear pants if they are of an offending race, but this transmog set was an exception. Mostly because robes are generally far prettier and more detailed than vests and shirts, and if I choose a robe I can be lazy and ignore both boots and pants.

This is Janieryn. She’s my little arcane mage. Being arcane, of course I had to do something purple. This was another easy set, with nothing being too overly difficult to grab except the robe its self. After I got that, the rest of it just fell in to place. This set may pose a challenge to those allergic to archaeology. But if you (like me) are a fan of the game’s most tedious secondary profession then this robe is within your grasp. The rest of the set is available for a minimal investment of justice points and a little legwork on the auction house. It’s not flashy but it is cohesive in its appearance and definitely says “arcane mage”. The staff I have equipped is easily available from the most recent tier of heroics, the End Time one to be specific. If it’s not your style, then any number of purple-ish staves would do. I went with the green staff because it was easily available and it picks up on little hints of green throughout the set. I chose to go low-key for the gloves and belt. If you like big bulky gloves feel free to sub. There are many options to choose from if you prefer something less muted than what I chose. Please ignore the cloak peeking through on the photo. I don’t know where it came from; Janieryn has her cloak graphic turned off.

Want The Look?

Head — Hood of Fiery Aftermath — Sold by Arcanist Miluria in Dalaran for 935 justice points
Shoulder — Mantle of Catastrophic Emanation — Sold by Arcanist Miluria in Dalaran for 591 justice points
Chest — Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown — Rare Night Elf artifact available through Archaeology
Gloves — Black Mageweave Gloves — Ask a friendly tailor or search the auction house
Belt — Wizard’s Belt — available from many rare goods vendors across Azeroth, including vendors in Hillsbrad, Duskwood and the Wetlands.
Staff — Jaina’s Staff — drops off the Echo of Jaina in End Time Heroic

A few alternative staves for those not hip with the green: Crystalfire Staff (Omor the Unscarred, Hellfire Ramparts), Epoch-Mender (Temporus, Opening of the Dark Portal Heroic), Staff of Infinite Mysteries (Kurator, Karazhan Raid), Nightstaff of the Everliving (Nightshade, Karazhan Raid).

As always, I just grabbed what was easiest. Running raids week after week for a staff to drop for an alt’s transmog set is not my definition of time well spent. If you use this for a main, though, your opinion will differ.


Or however you spell it.

I have been having too much fun with it lately. This is funny, since when the transmog feature was first announced I thought it was stupid and could not envision myself using it.


Cut to now, and I am the biggest transmog addict alive. My bank and void storage are both near full, and that’s only for one character. My main druid has 7 sets with a few odds and ends here and there of sets I am passively working on. Most of my alts, with a few exceptions, have a set or two. Most of those sets come from the Burning Crusade era.

Maybe it’s because BC had brighter colors and more whimsical models, but whenever I am poking around Mogit looking for my next foray into WoW haute couture, I always end up selecting things from BC. I have heard a lot of whining and moaning about the “clown costume” look from that era. Functionally Retarded Paladin says the paladin tier sets look goofy. But I adore the bright colors and the overall feel of the armor sets. So naturally I collected a ton of them so that Sylv can go prancing around dungeons looking utterly fabulous.

I also collect staves. I am a whore for staves. And polearms, to a lesser extent. But staves are my favorite thing to collect. My void storage is overflowing with staves. It doesnt matter if it doesnt currently match any of my sets. I want it because someday it could.

So I had planned to make a big collage showcasing all of my transmog sets in one picture, but I ran in to two issues. First, I have too many characters with too many sets for that to be feasible, and two, I’m lazy. Rather, I am going to split them up and showcase a separate set every day. Because I honestly have nothing better to do right now.

Without further ado.

This is Sylvestris in his blue and gold garb. It is mostly a level 70 dungeon set. The belt and boots are from a much lower level set and the staff is from Wrath. It took me about 3 or so days to grab everything. Most of what you see was nabbed from dungeons on the first or second run. It was less an exercise in farming than I had expected, which was nice. As easy as it was to nab, I get the most compliments from random people for this set. It tends to stand out over a sea of druids and rogues wearing dark “menacing” looking sets. The gold shoulders are particularly eye-catching. I decided not to grab the actual shoulders for the set (a recolor of druid tier 2) because I think those shoulders look ugly. The leafy ones are much more druidy in my opinion. I also decided not to use the matching set gloves because I liked the blue ones better. All in all I think it turned out well and I never cease to smile when people whisper me about the look.

Want The Look?

The purpose of these posts is not solely for me to show off all my sets. I like transmog and I like people who like transmog, so if you see something you like, of course I’m going to share it.

This set is a recolor of the druid tier 2 set. If you want the full set, all pieces can be found in Burning Crusade dungeons and heroics.

Head — Moon-crown Antlers — Captain Skarloc in Old Hillsbrad Heroic
Shoulders — Mantle of Autumn — Laj in The Botanica
Chest — Starry Robes of the Crescent — Pandemonious in Mana-Tombs Heroic
Gloves — Serpentis’ Gloves — Reward from the quest “Cleansing the Caverns” — Wailing Caverns
Belt — Beggar’s Belt — Reward from the quest “Deliver the Thread” — Darkshire
Boots — Moonstrider Boots — Darkweaver Syth in Sethekk Halls
Cloak — Proudmoore Cloak — Reward from the quest “The End of the Deserters” — Theramore
Staff — Tower of the Mouldering Corpse — Devourer of Souls in Forge of Souls

This set was not difficult to obtain. The only real wall you may run in to are the drop rates in heroic Old Hillsbrad and heroic Mana-Tombs. One shot a day can make you go insane if the piece you want just wont drop. However, the rest of the list is easily obtainable with a little bit of time and patience. If you want to collect the entire set (instead of subbing some pieces out like I have done), you may see a bit more of a time investment. The gloves, belt and cloak can also be obtained on the auction house, as their models are shared by many other pieces of gear. If you for some reason cannot complete the quests I recommended (ie, you completed them months ago and vendored the loot) then your best bet is to comb the AH looking for an identical piece. For example, the belt can also be found as part of the Glyphed leather set. The cloak can also drop from the final boss in the Steamvaults. There are many options available if the specific piece I listed is unavailable to you. I tend to find the piece I want by poking through Mogit (awesome addon for any transmog fiend) and then looking to find the easiest piece of gear with that model. I don’t like difficulty, so you can be assured that the pieces I listed here are probably the easiest ones to get. This set is dependent upon your level due to the staff being in a level 80 dungeon. If you’re level 70-ish and don’t want to wait for the staff, I’m sure there are a number of staves out there that would match (or at least not stick out horribly) this set.