Transmog: Janieryn

I don’t really like how robes look on Draenei and Worgen, or Tauren for that matter. Something about how their feet dont touch the ground flat enough for the robe to look good. I prefer to have my casters wear pants if they are of an offending race, but this transmog set was an exception. Mostly because robes are generally far prettier and more detailed than vests and shirts, and if I choose a robe I can be lazy and ignore both boots and pants.

This is Janieryn. She’s my little arcane mage. Being arcane, of course I had to do something purple. This was another easy set, with nothing being too overly difficult to grab except the robe its self. After I got that, the rest of it just fell in to place. This set may pose a challenge to those allergic to archaeology. But if you (like me) are a fan of the game’s most tedious secondary profession then this robe is within your grasp. The rest of the set is available for a minimal investment of justice points and a little legwork on the auction house. It’s not flashy but it is cohesive in its appearance and definitely says “arcane mage”. The staff I have equipped is easily available from the most recent tier of heroics, the End Time one to be specific. If it’s not your style, then any number of purple-ish staves would do. I went with the green staff because it was easily available and it picks up on little hints of green throughout the set. I chose to go low-key for the gloves and belt. If you like big bulky gloves feel free to sub. There are many options to choose from if you prefer something less muted than what I chose. Please ignore the cloak peeking through on the photo. I don’t know where it came from; Janieryn has her cloak graphic turned off.

Want The Look?

Head — Hood of Fiery Aftermath — Sold by Arcanist Miluria in Dalaran for 935 justice points
Shoulder — Mantle of Catastrophic Emanation — Sold by Arcanist Miluria in Dalaran for 591 justice points
Chest — Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown — Rare Night Elf artifact available through Archaeology
Gloves — Black Mageweave Gloves — Ask a friendly tailor or search the auction house
Belt — Wizard’s Belt — available from many rare goods vendors across Azeroth, including vendors in Hillsbrad, Duskwood and the Wetlands.
Staff — Jaina’s Staff — drops off the Echo of Jaina in End Time Heroic

A few alternative staves for those not hip with the green: Crystalfire Staff (Omor the Unscarred, Hellfire Ramparts), Epoch-Mender (Temporus, Opening of the Dark Portal Heroic), Staff of Infinite Mysteries (Kurator, Karazhan Raid), Nightstaff of the Everliving (Nightshade, Karazhan Raid).

As always, I just grabbed what was easiest. Running raids week after week for a staff to drop for an alt’s transmog set is not my definition of time well spent. If you use this for a main, though, your opinion will differ.


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