Long time, no update. Sorry.

I’m still alive, though you’d never know it by the state of this sorry little blog. Once upon a time I had grand dreams to make this a place worth coming to, but those have largely been relegated to the back burner. I recently graduated college (summa cum laude, thank you very much) and am dipping my toes in the job market. Aside from being rather overwhelmed by the prospect of being a businesswoman, I havent done anything noteworthy in WoW in a long time. I don’t raid, I only rarely run dungeons, and most of my time is spent poking at pet battles. If I don’t have anything truly groundbreaking to post about druids, why would I come here anymore?

Well, the answer, it seems, is right there in front of me. Pet battles! So instead of pushing myself to blog about deep druidy things like raiding talents and the value of glyphs and stat weights and how to tank such-and-such a boss, I’m going to just leave bits of advice about pet battles when I can. It’s better than a poke in the eye, right?



About Sylvestris

Gamer, nerd, book worm, baker.

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