Rare Pet Watch: Infested Bear Cub

One of the most unfortunate, heart-wrenching little pets out there, this little undead bear cub is infested with spider eggs. It’s unique, kind of gross, and really sad, but it’s not easy to get. Undead pets are hard to find at low levels, especially if you don’t have store-bought pets to fall back on, so this little cub is highly sought after. It spawns in Hillsbrad near the mine where it frolics with it’s equally infested mother. If you’re after this little guy, be prepared to spend some time camping and killing before you see a rare.


The INfested Bear Cub spawns in western Hillsbrad south of the South Point Gate and all around the Azureload Mine. They spawn anywhere the Infested Bears spawn, which means anywhere encircling the mine. It’s not a large area, but there are quite a few bears, and you can use this to your advantage.


These pets are not tied to any weather conditions or time of day. You can find them at any time. They have a respawn rate of about 10 minutes.


The cubs are actually part of “mother bear” system with the larger bears in the area. Each of these larger bears has a chance to be a “mother bear”. Only mother bears will spawn cubs, but here’s the good news: they will spawn cubs continually, over and over, for as long as they are alive. This is why these cubs have a reputation for being really rare. This area and the bears in it are part of a quest, so they see a lot of turn over. Players questing through the area kill the bears, which means they are killing mother bears too. If you just casually check the place once or twice for a cub, you could very well never see one. Furthermore, the high volume of traffic in this area means that any questing player who is also keeping up with pet battles is also in a prime spot to swipe any cubs that do spawn right out from under you.

Your first move should be to come here during the off hours when little or no people are present. If you don’t have to deal with the random players killing the bears, finding a cub is going to be much easier. Here’s how it works. When you arrive, take note of which bears have a cub already spawned. These are mother bears. I used a raid marker to keep track of them. Put a mark on them, and then kill any bear in the area that does not have a cub. When those bears respawn, take another look at them. If any of them pop up with a cub, mark those too and kill the rest. If you can do this consistently (and no one is wandering around killing your mama bears) then you can conceivably make every bear on the map a mother bear, and greatly increase the number of cub spawns running around. If you want a rare cub, and you don’t get super lucky the first try, this is how to do it.

It took me several hours to finally get a rare. Sometimes I couldn’t keep more than one mama bear alive at a time, thanks to overzealous questers and misinformed pet hunters. Sometimes there were so many mama bears up I ran out of markers to keep track of them. If you run in to the issue of people killing the bears trying to force pets to spawn, it might be worth your while to politely educate them how this actually works. You’re much better off keeping the mother bears alive and waiting for the pets to spawn than you are killing everything and hoping for the right bears to pop back up. I’m willing to bet that a couple of courteous players in a group could get a lot more done here than a bunch of jerks running around killing everything and competing for spawns. Just something to think about.

And finally, make sure not to accidentally right click the mama bears when you go in to nab the pet. The babies like to walk right underneath the mothers, which makes targeting difficult. I made a targeting macro and then set my interact function to a hotkey so I wouldn’t accidentally kill the bears.

Fun tip: this method can also be used to farm the Diemetradon Hatchlings in Un’Goro Crater, as they use the exact same “mother and baby” spawning technique as the cubs.


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