Battle Pet Spotlight: Bat

I picked up a rare bat back when I was leveling my team through Eastern Plaguelands. As it was both rare and one of my highest level pets at the time, I swapped it into my team…and it’s been there ever since.

The bat has a lot going for it early on: it’s a flying pet which means it will be effective against the masses of aquatics you encounter leveling up. It’s also a very fast pet due to it’s passive feature, which guarantees you go first in battle even against the toughest trainers. That alone makes it valuable. And in case you get knocked down below 50% health and lose the speed buff, it’s Screech attack will solve that issue for you. Reckless Strike paired with Hawk Eye can one shot aquatic pets even in tamer battles. I like fast, hard hitting pets and the bat delivers. Leech Life can help you recover some from being hit and doubly so if you pair the bat with a spider for the Webbed effect.

The bat is my go-to powerhouse for aquatic pets. He’s on every team that faces a trainer with aquatics, and he’s part of my old stand-by team for hunting rare pets in Pandaria. When I get down to power-leveling pets in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, the bat carries my lowbies to victory by demolishing the striders and toads in the area. He can go a lot of rounds without needing a heal, especially if he one-shots his enemies.

Breed ID: I’m not the best person to ask this, since I don’t pay much attention to breeds overall. But because a bat is a flying pet, it gets a massive speed boost as a passive trait. This means that as long as you don’t fall under 50% health you will always be the faster pet. Look for a breed ID that has higher attack and health, since high attack will also make Leech Life heal for more, and the faster you kill things the less damage they can do to you. Breeds 4/14 have the highest attack while breeds 7/17 have the highest health and a more balanced attack to speed ratio. It’s your call. Mine is a breed 4.

Where to find it: You can pick up just a plain ol’ Bat in Eastern Plaguelands, Mount Hyjal, or Tirisfal glades. They occur as primaries and secondaries and are quite common.

Pets with similar skill-sets: Only the Tirisfal Batling has an identical set of abilities, while the Vampiric Batling has the same moves in different slots. The first is purchasable from the Argent Tournament (Horde-side) for 40 seals and must be upgraded via stone to rare. The second was only available during a special event back in the Burning Crusade, so is no longer obtainable. The Bat is probably easier to get for that reason. Another pet with the Reckless Strike/Hawkeye combination is the Quiraji Guardling, which is not a flying pet.

Pair it with: a spider is a good mate here for the Bat. Use the spider to web your opponent and then switch to the bat to increase its healing power. This is useful if the opponent tends to hit hard, as the bat is not suitable for soaking damage. It’s a little better than a glass cannon, but not much, so making the most of Leech Life may save your skin.

**If you know of another exemplary battle pet that deserves its moment in the spotlight, leave a comment.**


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  1. umm…speedy?! duh!

  2. I’ve been using the Darkmoon Turtle with great effect. Even though there’s a ton of pets with high vs aquatic ratings, his natural defense and sheer power house moves can pretty much brute force your way through most trainer fights.

    Plus, he’s got a cooler color scheme than Speedy does.

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