Battle Pet Spotlight: Kun-Lai Runt

Here’s another gem of a pet who stole his way on to my team and has certainly earned his keep. He’s on every team I have that requires a humanoid or a beast, and he shines in battle against the Pandarian elemental tamers. He’s huge, he makes loud roaring and stomping noises when he follows you, and he can terrify half the population of Stormwind if fed a pet biscuit. What’s not to love?

The Kun-Lai Runt is a humanoid pet with mostly beast-type attacks, which makes it the ultimate counter-pet to critters. Their attacks are weak against it and its attacks are strong against them. Rampage hits like a truck and Mangle applies a useful debuff that other pets can also benefit from on the target. Where this pet really shines though is with the combination of its second-tier abilities.

Use Frost Shock to apply a chill effect, then use deep freeze for a 100% chance to stun the target. Once stunned, Takedown does double damage, making the Runt an unholy terror against dragonkin.

I like to use Frost Shock in lieu of Mangle anyway just for the speed reduction. It can mean the difference between Rampage getting all 3 of its attacks off and the poor Runt eating dirt before the attack is finished. The Runt can’t heal, but the passive healing from being a humanoid is better than nothing.

Breed ID: I would take breeds 4/14 for this one. None of the breeds have enough speed to make a difference, and with Frost Shock you can usually tip the speed scale in your favor anyway. What you want here is a pet that hits hard, so higher attack is more valuable.

Where to find it: The Runt can be found all over the snowy mountain peaks of Kun-Lai Summit. It isn’t uncommon, though if you see too many foxes around you might kill them off to clear the stage for more runts.

Pets with similar skill sets: There are none. The Runt is truly unique.

Pair it with: the Runt needs no pairing. In fact, the Runt is offended you tried to suggest otherwise.

**If you know of another exemplary battle pet that deserves its moment in the spotlight, leave a comment.**


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