Battle Pet Spotlight: Emerald Proto-Whelp

If you can manage to get your hands on one of these rare beauties, they make an excellent tanking pet. The emerald proto-whelp’s combination of Emerald Dream and Ancient Blessing heals can keep them alive through even the toughest battles. Indeed, mine is only level 23 and has already become a veteran grand master tamer survivor. He does well against hard-hitting magic pets and with Emerald Bite in the lineup can be a real disaster for any flying-type pets. Want him to really shine? Take him up against the Pandarian Air Spirit and relax: the emerald proto-whelp’s got this one in the bag.

Breed ID: This is yet another pet which doesn’t rely on speed to be effective. Look for high attack and health, as a hard hitting proto will also heal more and a larger health pool will allow this little tank to outlast the enemy. Any one of the breeds will be fine, but breeds 4/14 have the highest attack.

Where to find it: The emerald proto-whelp is an elusive little guy. He likes to hang out in northern Sholazar Basin, specifically in the Savage Thicket with all of his other dragon brethren. They’re rare and heavily camped, so prepare to invest some time in this one. I have been told that killing the whelps and eggs in the area will help these guys spawn, but cannot verify this as fact. Good luck!

Pets with similar skill sets: nothing matches the emerald proto exactly, which makes him a unique combo of healing and hard-hitting attacks.

Pair it with: the emerald proto does not need another pet to synergize with, but pets with group-wide speed buffs may be useful. Dazzling Dance may fit the bill, as the proto is a slow dragon no matter which breed you find. The proto works well on an all-dragon team against the Air Spirit tamer in Pandaria, so if you routinely struggle with that one you might consider giving this guy a chance at victory.


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