Battle Pet Spotlight: Silkbead Snail

If you’re searching for a dedicated tank pet that can absorb large amounts of damage, avoid incoming attacks, and heal its self while dealing damage, look no further. While a snail is a somewhat, ah, inglorious pet, the Silkbead Snail has more than earned its spot in my battle pet hall of fame. The Silkbead snail, and snails in general, are not flashy or powerful. Rather, their utility comes from their ability to whittle down the opponent while simultaneously healing themselves. Keeping Shell Shield up will reduce damage from all incoming attacks, so much so that some attacks (like DoTs, which hit for very little) are entirely blocked. Absorb will keep your snail’s health from dipping dangerously low, and Dive can be timed to avoid the most devastating attacks. The snail’s motto is, “Slow and steady wins the race!”.

I keep my snail armed with Absorb, Shell Shield, and Dive at all times. Ooze Touch is nice, but I find that the snail really does need the healing from Absorb to win against hard-hitting enemies like the Earth Elemental. Similarly, the damage reduction of Shell Shield is simply invaluable. I never use Acidic Goo. Likewise, Headbutt just isn’t worth using when Dive can avoid incoming attacks. With this setup, my little snail can pulverize any of the Pandarian elemental tamer’s elemental pets. I use him whenever a stubborn elemental proves to be too much for my Eternal Strider (hard hitter, but he’s got no defenses).

The only issue I can raise about the snail is Dive’s miss chance. With Dive being the snail’s only true attack (Absorb doesn’t hit hard at all, and can be easily mitigated by any heal over time effects such as those from the wind elemental pet) it can be devastating if Dive misses. I don’t know if the miss chance is currently bugged on live realms, but it feels like my pets miss far too often. If Dive misses more than once, I’m in serious trouble.

Even so, the snail is my first choice for the Pandarian elemental tamers. Being a critter, he laughs in the face of Earth’s Crystal Prison attack and shrugs off elemental attacks in general. It’s a good combination.

Where to find it: The Silkbead Snail is readily available all over the Jade Forest in Pandaria.

Breed ID: I feel like a broken record, but speed isn’t necessary here either. There are only two breeds available, 3/13 and 9/19. They both prioritize health and attack, and are both just fine.

Pets with similar skill sets: If you can’t find a Silkbead, or a rare eludes you, you’re in luck! All snails and whelks have the exact same skills. If you have any one of them, you’re good to go. Take note though that Scooter the Snail is uncommon by default, and should be upgraded via a stone to rare before tossing him in with the big boys. The following are snails with identical abilities to the Silkbead: Scooter the Snail (Children’s Week quest reward), Shimmershell Snail (Darkshore), Rusty Snail (Ashenvale), and the Rapana Whelk (Dread Wastes).

Pair it with: I’m stumped. My little snail doesn’t seem to have need of any true pairing, although I am certain he could be used together with another pet for maximum domination. Got an idea? Leave it in the comments.


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