Rare Pet Watch: Nordrassil Wisp

Some pets are rare because they are unique. Some pets are rare because they do well in battle and are highly sought after. Some pets are rare because they spawn slowly, one at a time, in a highly populated area. That’s the Nordrassil Wisp.

If you’ve ever played a night elf and died a lot (I have!) or spent a lot of time in a night elf zone, you know these little guys. They’re small, glowy blue balls of light that have the vaguest resemblance to a ghostly elven face. They came to the aid of the night elves when Archimonde threatened Nordrassil. What they truly are is not known, but the lore seems to agree that they are nature spirits of some sort.


These little wisps can be found in Hyjal (a level 80 zone), specifically encircling the lake beneath the roots of the great tree Nordrassil. The wisps themselves are level 22ish. If you’re too low level to get to Hyjal via the portals in Stormwind or Orgrimmar, have a warlock friend summon you. There aren’t many aggressive mobs around the lake, so if you’re careful even lower level characters can sneak in to nab a wisp.


They do not appear to be connected to any specific time or weather condition. However, hunting late at night or early in the morning may prove beneficial, as the area they spawn in sees a lot of traffic during the day.


There’s no “trick” to spawning these guys. It’s simply a waiting game. They seem to spawn about once every half hour, in a slow but steady trickle. A few tricks to increase your luck: kill all critters and combat pets in the area around the lake. I can’t verify that killing critters works, but the theory is that each critter takes up a spawn point which could be filled by a wisp instead. You can also log in to a character that isnt phased through the quests in Hyjal. Try logging in on an alt who hasn’t quested in Hyjal to see if you find more of the wisps available to you.

How does this pet stack up in pet battles? Well, I can’t speak from experience. I was never able to find a rare one. However, I have heard from many people that the wisp makes an incredible little battle pet. He hits hard and fast and is quite useful against tamers.

Best of luck!


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