Defeating Aki the Chosen

Aki the Chosen is the final of the pet tamers you will face in Pandaria. She has 3 level 25 legendary battle pets and can prove to be quite formidable when underestimated. Defeating her will end your pet-battle journey in Pandaria and will award one Sack of Pet Supplies. Once defeated, she unlocks all of the Pandaria tamer dailies.


Aki the Chosen is located in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, which means you need to open that zone via the quest line in Kun-Lai Summit. She is standing on the shores of the lake at the foot of the Mogu’shan Palace, directly east of the Golden Pagoda.

Battle Pets:

Chirrup – level 25 critter. He heals himself and the back-line pets and also has swarm move.
Stormlash – level 25 dragonkin. The toughest pet in the battle, he uses Call Lightning to summon a storm to deal massive damage and Tail Sweep.
Whiskers – level 25 aquatic. He will Dive and Surge and has a Survival move.

The Strategy:

The common setup is to use one beast, one humanoid and one flying pet to combat Aki’s lineup. However, in my experience her dragonkin pet will decimate anything in two hits or less. It took me a long time to figure out how to turn Stormlash’s obnoxious use of Call Lightning to my benefit. Call Lightning turns the weather into a Lightning Storm, which hits any pet that takes damage each time they are attacked. The trick is to use an elemental pet. Elementals ignore all weather effects, meaning you wont be getting hit by lightning every turn. In addition, elementals have a lot of damage-over-time attacks. DoT your target up and watch his Call Lightning backfire.

For the cricket, any beast-type pet will do. He doesn’t hit hard but he heals himself frequently. I used the Kun-Lai Runt from this article to great effect. Being humanoid, he takes less damage from critters and he has beast-type attacks. Chirrup went down in three hits. Otherwise, stuns and DoTs, or any debuff attack which lessens healing, will help mitigate his healing abilities.

Whiskers is a push-over with a strong flying type pet. I used the Bat (again from one of my previous articles) and took him down with two Reckless Strikes. Flying pets also have the advantage of attacks such as Lift Off, which can be used to avoid damage from Whiskers’ Dive ability.

I used a Fel Flame to embarrass Stormlash. Using both Immolate and Immolation, the dragonkin will shock himself to death. Every time a DoT ticks (or when he strikes the Fel Flame, getting hit by Immolation) he gets hit with his own lightning. Sit back and laugh at his misfortune.


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