A Tournament!

Back in November I registered for a pet battle tournament, and the date has finally come! It was difficult pre-selecting a team of pets two months in advance. I wish now that the battle pet teams could have been chosen closer to the tournament date, because I have so many new ones I would rather use. When I had to select my team in November I only had maybe 10 pets at level 25, and today I have 30. That’s a huge difference when it comes to piecing together the ultimate team and I feel that I (along with many others) was at a disadvantage because of it. Oh well.

The turn out was about half of what registered, which is disappointing, but it also means less competition. Hopefully this thing will grow and registration for Season 2 will be up! If you’re interested, registration for Season 1 is long over but you can check out the tournament at gpbl.gkick.net. It was pretty disorganized and delayed to start with but I expect those issues will be ironed out by next season.

I didn’t make it past the first round (fluxfire felines are heavily deserving of a nerf) but it was still fun and I encourage anyone who is interested to keep an eye on the website for the next season.

We’ll resume poking at pet battles in a day or two, and I have a few odds and ends to post about as well.



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