Behold, my friend: the Darkmoon Faire

If you’re new to pet collecting and you didn’t already know, the Darkmoon Faire is a great place to snag a few awesome pets. Seven can be purchased from the vendor for 90 tickets each, one can be fished up off the docks, one can be won from the daily pet battle master, and two can be captured exclusively in the forest surrounding the faire. So get crackin’ if you want to grab them all, because the faire only comes once a month and only sticks around a week.

I have yet to win the Darkmoon Eye from the daily pet tamer bag, which I find irritating. I was hoping that since the faire only comes once a month his drop rate might be higher to compensate. Alas. I am eyeless and sad.

I have also been hunting the elusive Crow, found only on Darkmoon island during the faire. The crow poses something of a challenge to dedicated pet collectors. It isn’t exactly hard to find, but it only comes as a secondary to the Darkmoon Glowflies in the area. You can’t just go out and battle a crow; you have to blow through a bunch of flies to find one tagging along. And that’s only half the issue, because the glowflies comes in a range of levels from 1 to 10. And only pets level 5 and up will have a secondary pet in their group. To further my irritation, there are lots of other pets that can tag along too, so I’m finding a lot of roaches and adders and sea gulls when I would rather find a crow. So while finding a crow initially isn’t challenging, locating a rare sure can be.

My method is to run circuits around Darkmoon Island, hitting all the spawn points of the flies. If they’re level 5 or higher, I battle them. If they’re below level 5, I usually roast them up with a Moonfire and continue on. If there are other people in the area I leave them alone, otherwise I clear them out to force respawns that are hopefully higher level. Doing this I can complete a run around the island in about 5 minutes’ time, which nets me about…oh, 5 battles and 5 moonfire victims, give or take. I got my first rare fly very quickly months ago, and have been hunting the stupid crow ever since. I have seen about 10 rare flies, numerous rare rats and adders and gulls and roaches, and so many poor quality crows…I’m starting to think it would be kinder to my sanity to just spare a battle stone and upgrade my crow.


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