Defeating Jeremy Feasle

The newest daily quest added to the Darkmoon Faire tasks you with defeating Master Pet Tamer Jeremy Feasel. And let me hand it to the guy, he’s earned his title. His team is difficult to beat and well worth the effort, as the reward for doing so is a bag with a chance to contain the Darkmoon Eye pet. I’ve heard a lot of griping over the difficulty of this battle, so here’s a brief insight into how I manage to beat him consistently.


As a resident of the faire, Jeremy is only available to beat seven days out of every month, starting on the first Sunday. Alliance players may access the fair via a portal in Elwynn forest just south of Goldshire while Horde folk may do so via a portal at the base of Thunder Bluff. He is standing on the right hand side of the main causeway about half way down.

Battle Pets:

Honky-Tonk – level 25 mechanical. Deals mechanical damage with a chance to stun.
Fezwick – level 25 beast. Clobber has a 100% chance to stun, and will rain bananas down on your pet.Judgement – level 25 magic. Reduces you pet’s speed and power, increases his own damage.

The Strategy:

Jeremy’s pets are no strangers to fighting rough. They hit hard. He will start the fight with either the tonk or the eye and will always end with the monkey. The tonk and monkey both stun, which can spell doom for a weaker pet. For the tonk, I whip out my trusty old Fel Flame. Mechanical attacks deal less damage versus an elemental, so if you have a powerful elemental in your lineup it’s for the better. Because the tonk’s stun is only a 25% chance, I generally just fight through it. DoT him up and heal yourself as needed if your elemental is capable. Overall I think the tonk is the easiest of the three.

The eye can hit seriously hard if you let him live long enough. The key here is to kill him fast, because he does increased damage with every attack. He is weak to dragonkin abilities, so I used my emerald proto whelp to great effect. Any dragonkin with healing abilities will do well here. Nuke the eye and heal yourself early and often. He will reduce your pet’s speed, but slower dragonkin breeds won’t be effected by this. Don’t rely on a fast pet here.

Finally you’ll face the monkey, which is weak to mechanical attacks. However, he hits hard enough that I had trouble keeping a mechanical alive long enough to kill him. I had some luck with a fast cogblade raptor, which could kill the monkey swiftly enough to avoid most of his damage. The banana barrage attack doesn’t hit for a lot, but it hits frequently. What’s more, it will hit you once even after you kill the monkey, so if you manage to kill Fezwick but are extremely low on health, you can lose the battle. It’s frustrating and a tad unfair. If you’re struggling, I would recommend working a pet with group-wide heals into your line-up. Soothing Mists is great for this. Cast mists, swap pets, and heal through the bananas. The monkey’s stun attack as killer, so avoid it if you can (i.e. burrowing, flying up high, shielding, etc.).


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