Defeating Major Payne

Major Payne may have the honor of being the most bitched-about pet tamer currently in the game. He’s got his little team of recruits and I bet he drills them endlessly out back behind the pavilions in Icecrown while we aren’t watching. He’s got the military strategy thing down, and his team is tough to beat. More so than some of the tamers in Pandaria. Expect to bash your head against him a few times before securing victory. He doesn’t give up lightly.


Major Payne is located in Icecrown at the Argent Tournament Grounds. He is standing just behind the Silver Covenant Pavilion (Alliance pavilion).

Battle Pets:

Grizzle – level 25 beast. Hits like an anvil, heals himself, stuns.
Beakmaster X-225 – level 25 mechanical. 25% chance to stun.
Bloom – level 25 elemental. Heals.

The Strategy:

Major Payne’s star cadet is Grizzle, the adorable little ball of hell that is the bane of any good defense. He hits like a mac truck, reducing to rubble anything that stands in his way. If you manage to damage him, he’ll hibernate back to full health, and he can stun. He is foul. He is awful. He is damned near invincible. I buried a lot of good mechanical pets trying to get past him. Rest in peace, XT. But I did find success in the form of a little cogblade raptor. If you want to tackle Grizzle, here’s my advice: don’t screw around. Hit him hard and hit him fast. Don’t waste your turn healing or setting up piddly little DoTs or buffs or debuffs. Just nuke him. I prefer my raptor here because he’s fast, and he hits hard. When grizzle goes down to hibernate, don’t use the break to heal yourself. I learned that the hard way. It’s a waste of time. Keep hitting him. You can negate his healing or even kill him while he sleeps. Use that time to attack. In lieu of a fast mechanical pet, use something with an avoidance maneuver to get away from his stun. If all else fails, a hard hitting pet with lots of heals may be capable of tanking its way through Grizzle’s damage.

Once the bear cub dies, you’ll find the rest of Payne’s team doesn’t quite measure up. Beakmaster can hit decently hard but will fall to pieces to a strong elemental pet. I use my Fel Flame (as usual) and with his DoT and extra damage when burning, Beaky was toast. Because he is a mechanical, he will zap back to life once dead. But any elemental with some decent healing can outlast him easily enough. If you’re struggling, find an elemental pet that can avoid Beaky’s stun. The Terrible Turnip (while a fairly weak battle pet) can go underground, the Pandaren Water Spirit can Dive, etc.

Finally, Bloom is sort of like the failure of the group. Everyone else graduated the academy but he dropped out in the second week of basic training. Poor Bloom. He’s so…weak. I used a Dancing Water Skimmer to great effect here. The skimmer is fast, and with Pump can hit extremely hard. He can also heal. Bloom’s real issue is that he heals himself, so be sure you can out-damage that heal. A faster pet will help negate damage, as Bloom relies on going first to deal an extra hit with Lash. A few hits with Pump and he goes down like a weed beneath a lawnmower. Easy.



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