Battle Pet Spotlight: Terrible Turnip

Have you ever been hunting for an elusive rare pet, spending hours or even days camping and battling and camping again, only to find it and…accidentally kill it? I have. And it’s the worst feeling ever. So you can imagine my joy when I discovered a pet that cannot kill other pets. At least, not with it’s main attack. Rare hunters rejoice! The Terrible Turnip has come.

The turnip is an absolute must-have pet if you want to hunt rares. Gone is the threat of accidentally killing that which you have toiled long and hard to find. His main attack, Weakening Blow, cannot reduce a pet below 1 health point. So even if you take a level 25 turnip against a level 1 rat, you can attack and be safe in the knowledge that your opponent can’t die. It’s the perfect solution to hunting rare pets many levels lower than your own pets.

And while Weakening Blow may make the turnip sound like a real loser in pet battles, he’s honestly not so bad. Are there stronger elemental pets out there? Oh absolutely. But the turnip isn’t meant to be a powerhouse. He’s meant to be a utility pet. You won’t be winning any competitions with him, but you’ll come to love him when you’re out in the world tracking down hard to find pets.

I am in the process of leveling a team of battle pets alongside a new priest I made, and the turnip is currently at level 19. I have to admit that he is weak overall as a battle pet. He’s the first to die and always takes the longest to kill things. Weakening Blow hits for decent damage, so that’s fine. But the issue is that, since WB can’t kill anything, I have to time Leech Seed or Sunlight just right to get the kill. Neither of those attacks hits hard at all, so it can be a very slow, tedious process to level the turnip. I do not plan to use him in pet battles at 25 except to catch rares.

Where to find it: If you want a Terrible Turnip, you’ll have to farm for it. No, literally. You will need to head out to Farmer Yoon’s ranch in Halfhill and get started on your farm. Like any other turnip, the Terrible Turnip will need to be harvested from the ground. Every time you harvest a crop at Sunsong Ranch, you have a chance of receiving an Ominous Seed. You will then have to plant this seed in the ground at the ranch and wait another day to harvest your very own Terrible Turnip. You can access this farm as soon as you gain entrance to Pandaria at level 85 by running to Halfhill from the Jade Forest. However, you will only start with 4 seed plots. At level 90, you can earn reputation with the Tillers faction. Higher reputations unlock more seed plots, which means you harvest more crops per day, which means a higher chance to loot the turnip seed. If farming makes you gag, you can always buy the turnip off the auction house. But be prepared to pay a hefty price.

Breed ID: Because the turnip is not a wild pet, it comes in only one ID with fairly balanced stats.

Pets with similar skill sets: No other pet has Weakening Blow, so no other pet will fill that niche. Also, the turnip is the only pet with Sons of the Root. The rest of his attacks are fairly typical elemental abilities. You won’t find any pets with his exact skills, though.

Pair it with: Anything. The turnip is fairly weak overall and will benefit greatly from being paired with a stronger, hard hitting pet. His ability to heal is sub-par so if you plan on using him to level out in the wild, I would consider pairing him with a pet that can heal him. Leech Seed just doesn’t do enough healing to keep the turnip in the battle if he’s taking heavy hits. Consider a pet with tranquility or similar for longevity. Similarly, you’ll do well pairing him with a beast-type pet that can mow through critters and other beasts, since the turnip is weak against them. The turnip needs a partner that can do the heavy lifting so he can soak up some experience while staying alive.


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