Well Damn

So it seems that my old friend, the ghost run, is no longer serviceable.

Used to be I could get myself killed, run as a ghost to a graveyard many zones away from where I died, and then log out. When i logged back in, I could talk to the spirit healer and be resurrected in that zone instead of the zone in which I died. It was really, really useful.

And now it seems that my flagrant disregard for how stuff is “supposed” to work has been nixed. I found the spirit healer in the Argent Tournament Grounds and logged out as usual. But when I logged back in and politely asked for a rez, she booted me straight back to Borean (with a loud raspberry in my wake, I’m pretty sure). Rude. I wish I had known about it sooner. It would have made the 30+ minutes I spent running my little dead ghost ass from Borean Tundra to Icecrown a lot less…useless. Ugh.

Well that plan is out! I have two options: some very nice high level character can ferry my butt on a two-seater mount or I can suck it up buttercup and level myself to 60, grind out the money for flying, and do it that way. A cursory /who in Borean Tundra after my ghost run failed told me that the zone was as dead as I was. There was not a single pleasant soul around to be my chauffeur. Lame.

That leaves me with one option: queue for dungeons until I hit level 60, then pick up herbalism and mining and farm the hell out of low level herbs and ore so I can make the requisite dough for flying. It’s gonna be a rough ride because I honestly hate that level bracket, and even more so when I have to do it on a death knight. I don’t know why. Possibly because I’ve done it so many times before.

But rest assured, that rotten little scourged whelpling will be mine. MINE.


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