Monthly Archives: April 2013


In an effort to force myself to collect all the zillions of pets I don’t have yet, I logged in and queued for the raid finder. Sighing at the wait time (17 minutes for a healer? preposterous I say) I poked around some of the fishing pools nearby. I figured, why the heck not. I might get one of those carps. After depleting one pool of its squirmy little shrimp, I moved to the next, and…


[Turtles All The Way Down]!

Well hey, I’ll take that. It’s not a pet but it’s one of the rarest mounts ever, so what the heck man. Not bad for less than two minutes fishing, eh? Well, you know, if you don’t count the YEARS I have spent fishing in this game. I figured that by the time I had all 4 of the new carp pets I would probably have the turtle too, but it was sort of a pipe dream because, let’s face it folks, fishing is boring and even my best intentions to fish usually go by the wayside after half an hour of bobber-plopping.

So now I have a shiny new mount that I will likely never use. But that’s cool. One more mount towards the 200 achievement. And as far as pets go, I’m not sucking so hard on that front despite having little interest in actually logging in and collecting them. I nabbed a blue carp while fishing a few days back and got a Sunfur panda from the Beasts of Fable bag. Not bad.

I have decided that I need to pace myself with the pet collecting because having so many pets left to collect (and more coming in the next patch) is getting overwhelming. So I will make a goal for myself each week or so and go for that pet. If I get others on the way, that’s cool too. Let the pet collecting commence!